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The #KeepRunning Project

Short film reviews hasn't been something we have done yet but this film is close to all our hearts.

Unlike many other places in the world, equality is still a battle that's being fought for here in Australia. Yet it's something the Australian government could change overnight rather then spending millions of dollars on a plebiscite which will not be binding and possibly a public vote which will take too long.

The #KeepRunning Project is about starting the conversation about equality within our communities. This short film tells the story of 4 real life situations where equality has been at the centre of the situation with themes such as gender identity, Christian beliefs, corporate world acceptance and marriage equality.

The true life stories that are portrayed are very moving and entirely relatable. You will either know someone who is in the same situation or it could be your story.

Australia's Got Talent alumni Greg Gould, created this short film as a way to get other's stories out there with his music. He created this film rather then creating a music video clip for his song Run To You.

Greg's intention for this film is to create conversations at home and at work.

So please check out this film out. Like, share with the hashtag #KeepRunning and start the conversation in your communities.


Victoria Anthony, Greg Eccleston, Pin Montemayer, Father Rod Bower, Danni Da Ros, Nathan Powter, John Prestia, Greg Gould, Jackson Long, Michael Sharpe, Tom Goodwin, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, Chris Toeh

Directed by:

Greg Gould

Trailer link:


#2016 #LGBTI #ShortFilm

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