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Eddie The Eagle

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

The Plot:

Cut from the Olympic ski team, British athlete Michael "Eddie" Edwards travels to Germany to test his skills at ski jumping. Fate leads him to Bronson Peary, a former ski jumper who now works as a snowplow driver. Impressed by Edwards' spirit and determination, Peary agrees to train the young underdog. Despite an entire nation counting him out, Eddie's never-say-die attitude takes him all the way to a historic and improbable showing at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta.

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

The Verdict:

Eddie Edwards is a true inspiration, when life is against you and so is everyone else within it, never give up on your dreams and passions.

From a young age Eddie had one dream, to be an Olympian and he certainly didn't let his clumsiness stop him from trying every Olympic sport to find 'The One'.

Having only one support in his life, his mum, she gave all the support she could give to Eddie the dreamer. When he was young she gave him a tin lunch box to put his gold medals in, he instead put his broken glasses in it after every sporting fail and every dream crushed.

It wasn’t until his dad took him to work as a plasterer that Eddie saw the sport of his dreams, Downhill Skiing. But his dream was short lived when the British Olympic Committee told him he wasn’t going to make the team. It's all about politics and what ivy league school you went to and Eddie didn’t go to any.

In true Eddie style he finds a loop hole and is back fighting for his dream, to be an Olympian. Eddie has his sights set on being Great Britain's only ski jumper, but the Committee steps in again to change the rules in an attempt to keep him from representing his country.


Olympic Committee: We will not have amateurs in the Olympics!

Eddie: I thought the Olympics were for amateurs???


Finally after overcoming every obstacle the Committee throws at him, Eddie gains a place in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

Eddie may not have been a conventional winner but he jumped into the British Record books ensuring his place in history and proving to the world that your dreams are achievable even in the face of the impossible.

Eddie the Eagle is a heartwarming story about following your dreams, never giving up and always proving people wrong.

This film is bolstered by an amazing cast of talented actors including Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackson. Taron’s likeness to Eddie Edwards is uncanny and he pulled off a spectacular performance. With the addition of Hugh Jackman’s character, Bronson Peary, it creates a friendship dynamic that shines on the screen. This movie is a truely an edge of the seat experience that everyone should get a chance to see.


4 out of 5 Choc Tops


Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, Christopher Walken

Directed by:

Dexter Fletcher

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