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The Plot:

On Jan. 15, 2009, Captian Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger tries to make an emergency landing in New York's Hudson River after US Airways Flight 1549 strikes a flock of geese. Miraculously, all of the 155 passengers and crew survive the harrowing ordeal, and Sullenberger becomes a national hero in the eyes of the public and the media. Despite the accolades, the famed pilot now faces an investigation that threatens to destroy his career and reputation.

Courtesy: Roadshow Films

The Verdict:

Everyone has a story and this is Sully's.

Many people have a fear of flying or to be more accurate it's more so the fear of crashing in a plane that scares people the most. In New York on the 15th January 2009, US Airways flight US1549 piloted by Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) and co pilot Jeff Skiles (Aaron Eckhart) miraculously landed their aircraft on the Hudson River saving all 155 passengers and crew from a disastrous ending.

Soon after take off at LaGuardia Airport Flight US1549 hit a flock of birds, sucking them into both engines of the Airbus and ultimately turned the plane into a smoking glider. With only seconds to make a judgement call that would ultimately affect the lives of 155 strangers, Captain Sully makes the decision to attempt to land the plane on the Hudson River. It is the only safe location in a high density area on which to land. There has only ever been a handful of safe plane water landings in history and Sully was about to enter the history books as the hero who saved 155 lives on the Hudson River.

The movie Sully is a very well told story from Sully's point of view in the minutes, days and months after the event. News outlets were quick to make Sully a hero, but was he really?

This doubt is questioned by the NTSB, the National Transportation Safety Board when they looked further into the events and started compiling the evidence.

Could the plane have returned to LaGuardia Airport, would it have been less of a risk?

You can probably remember the media frenzy that went on for the months following this miraculous event, but what wasn't widely reported on was the internal scrutiny both pilots faced from regulators and their peers. This inside look into the personal struggle of Sully and the ensuing investigation is where the film really finds it's wings.

This movie is a very touching true story that will keep you entralled from start to finish. It is a truely brilliant representation of an American Hero's fight to be recognised.


4 out of 5 Choc Tops


Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney

Directed by:

Clint Eastwood

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