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Charging While Travelling

When travelling, especially to remote or third world countries, charging electrical devices can be challenging. So here is a few ways you can be prepared for your next trip away, whether it is overseas or just out camping.

For those of us who travel with Digital SLR cameras, my only advice for charging batteries is to take 2 - 3 spare batteries with you. This should hold you over until you can gain access to a powerpoint to recharge them as they take considerable time to charge. I have always travelled with multiple reserve batteries and never missed a shot due to not having enough juice.

Point-and-Shoot Battery Charging

If you’re like many other people who use point-and-shoot cameras then this handy USB battery charging device could be useful for you. It is available to purchase through different sellers on eBay.

This devices allows you to charge different types of point-and-shoot camera batteries while on the go. They are powered by any USB including solar panel or battery pack.


Simply connect the device to the USB port and insert your battery. Make sure the 2 metal points touch the battery terminals (You can adjust the width if need be).

The device recognises + and - on your battery. It will indicated the connection by a green light.


You will be able to tell it is charging when the red light comes on.


Once the charge is complete the red light will turn off.

NOTE: Charging time vary depending on the size of the battery.

Solar Battery Panel

The best thing I take with me when travelling is a solar panel that has a battery in it so you can charge the battery up during the day with the solar panel while your trekking and charge your devices up at night while you sleep.

There are so many different solar panels to choose from online. Just be sure to read the details carefully to ensure it has a battery in it.

NOTES: If buying things online don’t leave it till the last minute before your trip as it may not be delivered in time.

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