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Patriots Day

Courtesy: Lionsgate

The Plot:

Tragedy strikes on April 15, 2013, when two bombs explode during the Boston Marathon. In the aftermath of the attack, police Sgt. Tommy Saunders, FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers and Commissioner Ed Davis join courageous survivors, first responders and other investigators in a race against the clock to hunt down the suspects and bring them to justice.

Courtesy: CBS Films

The Verdict:

On April 15 2013, Patriots Day, at 2:49 pm near the finishing line of the Boston Marathon, two bombs are detonated killing three people and injuring several hundreds more.

The movie is based on the events that unfolded that day and the moments leading up to the capture of Chechen-American Dzhokhar “Jahar" Tsarnaev and the death of his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The story is told through reenactments and interpretations cleverly entwined with the incredible use of actual footage, from both news reports and eye witness cellphone footage.

It really is a movie that requires you to take a few tissues with you. The close connection you build with each character that is introduced and witness the unfolding of their stories will pull on anyones heart strings.

Despite a few continuity issues, like shop front windows in front of the bomb blast not being shattered, Patriots Day is a standout movie so far for 2017 and a movie I would recommend to anyone that is into true event movies.

Boston Strong


4 out of 5 Choc Tops


Mark Wahlberg, J. K. Simmons, John Goodman, Kevin Bacon, Michelle Monaghan, Jack Pickling, Alex Wolff, Themo Melikidze

Directed by:

Peter Berg

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