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Camp Cooking: In A Cardboard Box

Have you ever wondered, while camping, how it would be nice to be able to cook some scones or a cake or a nice warm banana bread for afternoon tea without an oven?

Well you can, even better still give the kids something cool and fun to do and cook it all in a cardboard oven.

The process is very simple and easy for the kids to do with little instruction.

Shopping list:

  • 1 cardboard box - big enough to put your cooking trays in

  • Cooking Tongs

  • 1 bag of heat beads

  • 1 rolls of aluminium foil

  • and at least 2 aluminium trays - you will put the heat beads in one and the other for the scones.

In this example I’m going to be making some scones, but you can cook whatever you like.

1. Start off by putting a few handfuls of heat beads into the fire so they can heat up.

Grab your cardboard box and line inside with aluminium foil. This will keep the head inside the box during cooking

2. Now send the kids to look for some strong green sticks or lengths of wire, that aren’t too think to make a middle shelf with, they need to be strong enough to hold your baking trays or tin.

3. Once you have your sticks, pock them through from one side to the other about half way down the side of the box to make your shelf.

4. Once the heat beads have heated up in the fire, move them to one of your aluminium trays and carefully slide them into your box.

CAUTION: They will be very hot so this is something for adults only.

5. Place what ever you are cooking, for me it is scones, in a tray then onto the stick shelf you created.

6. Close up flaps on the cardboard box. You can with tap or or place a rock to keep the flaps closed for the duration of the cooking.

8. Cooking time with vary depending on what you’re cooking. Open the cardboard flaps on occasion to check to see how things are going.

CAUTION: It will be hot so use a pair to tongs to open the flaps and lift the trays out. This is something for adults only.

Once you have finished with the oven, and it has cooled down, remove the aluminium foil from the box and place it in your trash bag and if you like, you can burn the box in your fire.

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