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The Mountain Between Us

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

The Plot:

Stranded on a mountain after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must work together to endure the extreme elements of the remote, snow-covered terrain. Realizing that help is not on the way, they embark on a perilous journey across hundreds of miles of wilderness, pushing each other to survive and discovering their inner strength.

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

The Verdict:

December 28th a snow storm is approaching Salt Lake City forcing all flights to be cancelled. But as a frustrated flyer who’s flight has been cancelled, waits to get back home for her wedding the next day, Alex, Kate Winslet, a Guardian photographer and journalist finds an alternative way to fly, by private plane. While in an airport surrounded by other frustrated flyers she overhears brain surgeon Ben, Idris Elba, stuck in the same situation and fatefully heading in the same direction. Alex invites Ben along with her on her private flight.

The pilot advised Ben and Alex that they will be able to fly through the snow capped mountain ranges of the High Uintas Wilderness before the storm sets in. It wouldn’t be a survival story if the adventure was that straightforward.

As the storm hits the plane, the pilot suffers from a stroke while radioing for help.

The plane crashes into the high snow caps leaving Ben and Alex alone with the pilots dog.

The three are now stranded in the cold isolated location with no way of anyone knowing where they are as the pilot didn’t log a flight plan.

Survival now kicks in. This is where there is a lot of flaws in the movie:

- building a fire with wet material everyday?

- surviving on very little food for weeks

- still having a perfectly manicured beard

- walking such a long distance with a broken leg

- firing a flare during the day at a commercial aeroplane that had already past their location. Plus the flare wouldn’t have been seen by them so far up

- the movie has an odd editing with losing time and odd cuts to black

The ending was long and drawn out for something that was extremely predictable.

The story is slow but emotional. It’s a love story and a battle of determination for survival.

I think is an enjoyable movie until the end and worth seeing if you’re into adventure/drama.


3 out of 5 Choc Tops


Kate Winslet, Idris Elba, Beau Bridges

Directed by:

Many Abu-Assad

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