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2018 - The Year That Was

Thorang-La Pass, Nepal - 5416m above sea level

  • Sutherland 2 Surf - New Personal Record

  • City 2 Surf - 2 mins short of personal record

  • Bespoke Media Management - Assisted with the start of new startup

  • Personal gains - over 60kgs in weight - Achieved 68kg

  • Top performing New Development project in NSW on REA - The Greens, Strathfield makes 9th place.

  • Moving into the new family house I designed - Moved in January 2018.

  • Annapurna Circuit in Nepal - Trekked without October 2018

This year has been an amazingly satisfying year as I continue to fight my inner demons to overcome my extreme underweight body issues and push my career to new heights.

I started this year with the desire to become more confident. This has been meet with a lot of mental push back. Struggles with depression and mental strain from career pressures has been the main cause of set backs this year. But I’m excited to announce this year has ended with many high notes and great achievements.

I believe that one should never be give up, no matter how low they are in life. Goal achievements are all around us, no matter how small they are. Every step helps you to your ultimate goal, whatever that may be.

Besides my personal, physical and mental health, my career progression has been the step forward I have been fighting for, for so many years now. From a sales administrator and marketing coordinator for small team, to the marketing manager for a business which covers 3 states, 1 territory and comprises of 10 individual teams. With many challenges ahead it’s going to give me the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge, while sharing my past experience with colleagues to benefit and progress the business.

2019 is going to be an amazing year with some great adventures and the continued growth of my professional career.

Goals are set to be achieved and barriers are meant to be broken.

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