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Design On A Dime: April Tips

In this blog, I give some of my personal design thoughts and tips that may be a bit different from the familiar industry trends you’re used to.

As autumn is now upon us, we will start to see our beautiful surroundings charge from lush green foliage to earthy browns. Throughout your home over this season we can start to introduce some earthy colour tones to a base colour of Dulux Vivid White.

Kmart has some amazing pillow accessories this season to give your bedroom a feeling of luxe and tranquility, everyday.

This leatherette tan pillow works well against the white waffle pillow and quilt set. To add a little splash of colour I also picked up this great grey and turquoise display pillow.

If your home is a shrine to white, introduce some wood finishes paired with orange and white accessories to offset the starkness of the white walls. Don’t be afraid of colour, but to much can made it look cheap.

For my final tip, always bring some of the outdoors indoors, with the odd plant. If you’re not the gardening type, purchase low maintenance indoor plants like this Zanzibar Gem, that requires water once a month, if you remember.

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