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One of the biggest downsides about looking for a job, other than applying for them online and never hearing anything, is that you able for a job you’re very interested in and someone looks at your resume and dismisses your chances because your resume history shows you have the experience but in lots of different places.

My resume isn’t the best when it comes to staying with a single business, but each move can be explained. From career progression roles, to redundant roles and roles that are abused by the business.

Over my short professional life so far, I have been through 4 business that have gone into administration due to poor business decisions by the owners, the GFC creating business debts, the business no longer seeing a need for marketing within their business, and the most annoying, the role being sold incorrectly by recruiters.

Whichever business I move to I always make the most of the experience by learning as much as I can about the business, the way it works and how the industry around it operates from a competitive point of view.

I have worked in software and hardware tech, retail, telecommunications, hospitality and real estate. They all have a different and unique way of running, but many of the business are too focused on themselves to think about their impact and impression on their customers when making businesses choices.

A few years ago, one of the businesses I joined I was a part of a business turnaround team. The software focused business hadn’t progressed since it launched its product in 2000. The businesses direct competition had more money and advertising power. A part of my role was to understand the marketing strategy of the competition and how as a business we could advertise our product and make it stand out in the market place. One of the other first steps I make, other than being very hands on with the product, was learning what most people were contacting the business about for support. This lead to us create support videos for the top 10 most requested troubleshoots, is was to ensure people could find support quickly and reduce the volume of support calls make each day.

The next step was understand how existing retailers were selling the product to customers. I travelled to over 30 different stores to mystery shop them. This gave me an insight into the training and support the business needs to give to retailers to support their product discussions with customers.

After all that work the role was made redundant to the business, which found itself in administration as the business owner had decided to try and take the business into the hardware industry despite the well established competition.

Another business I went into asked me to assist with uncovering why their marketing department wasn’t earning any money for the business. This was very tricky as they wanted to know but didn’t like what I found.

Ultimately their suppliers were ripping them off and people weren’t being charge or charged correctly for the work the department was doing. The solution was easy. Source new suppliers or negotiate the prices from the current suppliers. Put in a pricing structure and way of logging each job so it is all accountable and the marketing department is earning money. Simple. The business own didn’t take my advice, which could have earn them over $1.5 million in profit each year.

Even though at a glance my resume may not seem amazing, the knowledge and understanding of my industry and skills should be able to outshine the rest. I am always learning things of each position I am out into.

I love a good challenge.

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