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Was Vivid A Disappointment This Year? - Opinion

As the cooler nights start to roll in, each year Sydney puts on nights of lights and entertainment for the whole family to get out and enjoy the Sydney harbour foreshore.

This year is Vivid’s 10th anniversary and while expectations were high, I can’t help but think they’ve missed the mark. With an expected 2 million people venturing out to take part in the celebrations, safety for the community has been number one priority. I will agree it left very safe with an increased police presence but the high fences and narrow paths created to direct crowds left a lot to be desired as we travelled through back alleys, past construction sites and around the mess they call Sydney’s light rail.

Looking out over the harbour, the light display was far from spectacular. There didn’t seem to be a cohesive theme, just lots of blue. In past years it has been much more visually impressive.

Getting public transport to the heart of the festival and walking along the foreshore of Circular Quay, was crowded and out of control. As trains came to the platform to drop off passengers, CityRail staff directed everyone in one direction to exit the station. With staircases and platforms full of people it was hard to move and dangerous to get around.

If you feel the need to adventure out into Sydney this Vivid festival be prepared for crowds of people, short footsteps and very long wait times.

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