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Are you looking for an employee who is motivated, innovative, creative, multi-skilled, independent and a team player… then you need to read my resume?

Over my short professional life so far, I have worked with diverse businesses where I was given the opportunity to learn, to share my expertise and to grow businesses beyond expectations. My transitions between jobs has been driven by many different influences including business restructures, role redundancy and driven by my own ambition to diversify my experience.

In whichever business I have been engaged, I’ve always been committed to the strategic goals of my employer, learning as much as I can about that business and how the industry around it operates from a competitive point of view.

My experience includes software and hardware tech, retail, telecommunications, hospitality and Real Estate. Each industry has its’ own unique business practises which has allowed me to grow professionally and has given me the ability to offer any future employer the benefits of a wealth of cross functional industry experience and business practises.

One of the key responsibilities of my role as a member of a business turnaround team in a software focused business who hadn’t seen any growth since their product launch in 2001 was to understand the marketing strategy of the competition and how, as a business, we could advertise our product and make it stand out in the market place. One of my key strategies,other than being very hands on with the product, was to analyse call stats to our support centre team to determine the reason most people were contacting the business. The outcome of this analysis led to the creation of support videos for the top 10 most requested troubleshoot topics. This enabled people to find the support they needed quickly and positioned our company with a standout competitive edge of a reputation for offering excellent customer service.

Another strategy was to understand how existing retailers were selling our product to customers. I travelled to over 30 different stores to mystery shop them. This gave me an insight into the training and support the business needed to give retailers to effectively sell our product to customers. I was able to create a training and communication strategy for the company to rollout to all its’ retailers. Through my efforts the company profile and product sales was finally growing.

Another example of my innovative thinking to generate business growth was my role assessing the current practises of a company’s marketing department business practises to determine why income was not being generated. My investigations revealed losses generated by suppliers overcharging for services provided and charges to suppliers not being generated. My recommendation to create pricing structures and more accountable business practises which I ascertained had the potential to create $1.5 million profit in a year.

I love a good challenge. Contact me to discuss how I can help you grow your business.

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