• Andrew Tuck

Never give up on yourself

Over the past few years my career has been very rocky and uncertain. This last November I took a role which was a step down from my previous roles, Sales Administrator and Marketing Co-ordinator. I decided that the only way I was going to push my career forward was if I took a step back and then pushed forward. Less than 12 months later this has paid off. I was promoted to a Marketing Manager role, a role that the business saw a need for and created the position.

I was able to step straight into the position with extensive experience and a growing knowledge of the industry.

Working in off-the-plan real estate has taught me that no marketing campaign is the same and you can't use a cookie cutter formula to try and market a product. The ability to think outside the box and try new campaign approaches is a must. As the marketing landscape continues to change and real estate purchasers wants, needs and places of exposure advances we need to move with them. Standing still doesn't get your product sold.

Throughout my role I deal with many different internal departments, agents, external creative agencies, developers and suppliers.

As my career slowly continues to go from strength to strength, I continue to grow knowledge of not just the real estate industry but also the wider world of marketing as ideas and inspiration can be found all over the place.

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