• Andrew Tuck

Grill'd Miranda

Today’s adventure to my favourite burger joint, Grill'd, was slightly disappointing.

I ordered my usual Caesars Palace Burger. It’s basically a grilled chicken breast, egg, piece of lettuce leaf and bacon.

Normally, like all Grill’d businesses, they ask you which bun you would like it served on. This time no choice was given. So it came out served on a sesame seed bun. Not that it made to much of a difference.

But today’s burger contents was not so enjoyable. As much as they say it’s all fresh, my overcooked bacon, dry chicken and reheated egg, told me something different.

This is not the burger I normally taste. It’s possibly turned me off.



Taste: 2/5

Delivery time: 4/5

Presentation on delivery: 4/5

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