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Neptunes, Brighton Le Sands

Cafe Neptune is located along the street front of Brighton beach. This family run Italian restaurant has just received a multi-million dollar makeover. Along with a refreshed food menu. Well that's what they like to tell everyone.

The makeovers brings a sleek, clean modern layout with a turquoise and grey colour scheme. The open style kitchen is surrounded by a polished concrete pass, where waiters wait for your drinks and food to be prepared.

Today the staff are busily seating customers and clearing tables. But today could have been under staffed as waiters rushed meals around to multiple tables at a time.

We were seated at a table for two located in the middle between the pass and the vinyl turquoise booth seating. Seating in this location makes you feel like you are in the way. With customers pushing their way in and out of their tables and wait staff rushing meals and drinks around.

We arrived to the restaurant at 11:30am hoping to have lunch. But on this day they weren't serving lunch until 12pm. This we found out more than fifteen minutes after being seated.

So breakfast it is.

Eggs Benedict is my favourite. So I was looking forward to it.

While we waiting I enjoyed my freshly squeezed orange juice. Which was delicious. The taste was smooth and fresh. No bitter after taste and the pulp was finely blended. It was a refreshing start to the meal.

After a little longer waiting my breakfast finally arrived, at lunch time.

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Ham and Halloumi. The presentation on arrival was a yellow blob with toast underneath and Halloumi plonked on the side.

The taste you ask? Eggs were cooked correct with a firm outside and slightly runny inside. The sourdough taste, store bought and just lightly toasted. The Halloumi was cooked almost perfect. It could have done with a few more seconds. The Smoked Ham. No idea why it was called that because it was cut up into small squared, overcooked on the hot plate and served with lots of charcoal edges. Finally the hollandaise sauce. What a miss. Spoilt the whole dish. It was almost to hard to eat. The sauce had a horrible lemon flavour to it. It was like I was eating a Lemon Tart.

The Eggs Benedict from Cafe Neptune is not a dish I recommend to anyone.



Taste: 2/5

Delivery time: 4/5

Presentation on delivery: 3/5

Website: https://www.cafeneptune.com.au/

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