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Chisholm's Dining Room, Jenolan Caves

Image courtesy of Chisom's Grand Dining Room, Jenolan Caves

Dinner tonight is in Chisom's Grand Dining Room, Jenolan Caves. The room is straight out of the late 1900’s and boasts a large open grand dining room and fire place, while the grand piano looks like it hasn’t been touched in decades. It features a stunning ceiling with modern upgrades like fire sprinkler systems and large modern fans, that were thankfully on during this warm January night. This room is certainly a sight to behold.

Image Courtesy of NSW State Archives and Records

As Caves House was designed in 1897 by Walter Liberty Vernon as a retreat for the wealthy landowners of NSW, he wanted to included an enormous grand dining room, which was completed in 1924. Chisolm's Grand Dining Room is one of Australia's two remaining "grand dining room. The ambience and historical significance of the room is an experience in itself.

The meals, we were advised, are huge. So it doesn’t matter if you order from the main menu or the light meal menu.

We started with an entree of Pork Belly and Garlic Sourdough Bread. The main meals we chose were the Lamb Shank and Crispy Barramundi.

The entree came out quickly. A small slice of pork belly on a bed of vegetables with a gravy on top with a side of white rice. The pork belly itself has a soggy skin, little fat, but the meat was cooked perfectly. The blob of thick gravy looked more like a large drop of Vegemite but had a strong lime flavour to it. The side of white rice was a un-usual choice, but was nothing special.

The garlic sourdough was nice. The garlic was not over-powering at all and it wasn’t drowned in oil.

The main meals came out long after the completion of our entrees.

The lamb shank was served on a base of mashed potato, swimming in a pool of red wine and garlic liquid with chunks of capsicum. The lamb shank itself was slow cooked to allow the meat to simply fall off the bone as you made your way through it. The sauce and mash were nothing to write home about, bland and favourless, I left most of it behind.



Taste: 4/5

Delivery time: 4/5

Presentation on delivery: 3/5

Website: https://www.jenolancaves.org.au/dining/chisolms-restaurant/

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