• Andrew Tuck

Macchina Expresso Workshop, Sans Souci

Macchina Expresso Workshop is a busy cafe located on the outside of the Super Barn in Sans Souci.

Featuring a small cut down easy to read menu with breakfast and lunch till 4pm. You have a great choice of foods to eat.

Since today we have arrived around lunch time, it’s only appropriate that we dive into their lunch menu.

With a small section of burgers and salads. The burger was the choice of the day. Today I went with The Big Cheese. Essentially it's a cheeseburger. There was nothing big about it.

A large milk bun with a large flat purchased meat patty with little favour, jack cheese, large strips of pickles and mayo and mustard sauce.

Taste wise, it was okay. Like a Hunger Jacks Cheeseburger. The beer battered chips on the side are definitely a crowd pleaser.



Taste: 3/5

Delivery time: 4/5

Presentation on delivery: 3/5

Website: http://www.macchina.com.au/

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