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The Waterfront Cafe and General Store, Church Point

The look and feel of the Waterfront Cafe & General Store in Church Point is an old boat shed that hadn't been looked after for a while with has a small general store and post office for locals and visitors and also a small restaurant out the back with hanging pot plants, that drip water on you if your aren't careful and tables that are squeezed together to maximise space small space they have available. We were lucky to get it at all.

The tables are very close together. You squeeze past other guests as they eat. The location we were seated was over by the water near a boat pontoon ramp. The older lady next to me got up to left me in as there was no room to move. Little did I know, until later into the meal, the boat pontoon that I was seated at was active. It's used by locals to get to the restaurant and to also drip their families off to go shopping. Each time a boat come in everyone would needs to squeeze past. Not the best way to enjoy your meal.

Since we are by the ocean we thought it was appropriate to test out their fish and chips with a glass of 2017 Pedestal Chardonnay from Margaret River.

As the restaurant had only opened at 11:30am the turn around time on meals were very quick with our meals hitting the table with 10 mins of walking to the counter to order. Yes that's right no table orders taken. But on the flip side your meals are brought to your table.

Two small strips of fished laid over a paper cone with hand cut battered chips inside. On the side was a small tasty Caesar Salad and homemade tartar sauce to dip your chips and fish into.

The fish was small but very tasty. The hand cut chips was a nice touch and a complete change from everyone else who is using pre-cut chips. The Caesar salad was tasty but a little heavy handed on the mayonnaise sauce. The homemade tartar sauce was flawless. Overall the meal was very tasty and filled me up.

The glass of wine on the other hand was extremely hard to drink. Not a pick I would recommend to anyone.

Apart from the constant people squeezing past me, the meal was something I would recommend if you're in the area. Be sure to book a table as the place is very busy.



Taste: 3/5

Delivery time: 4/5

Presentation on delivery: 3/5

Website: https://www.waterfrontstore.com.au/

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