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Karl's Insta "Hacked"

Channel Nine's past "Golden Child" Karl Stefanovic may have left your morning TV small screens but he hasn't left the news headline.

Karl is making headlines again, just as the Today Show announces their new hosting line up for 2019. Read more about the line up here.

Karl's Instagram has been "Hacked"! Call the police! What controversial posts did the "hacker" like on Karl's behalf? A post about the new Today Show line up.

He was Australia's most overrated and overpaid TV personality. Just because you have friends in high places doesn't mean your going to ride to wave to success your whole life and now it shows it won't make you safe from being "hacked" either.

But lets be honest who in the right mind would want to "hack" Karl's Instagram just to like a post, which just happen to be of the new Today Show line-up. We all know how easy it is to like a photo on Instagram by accident.

This is not the first time a celebrity has tried to back track after liking content or posting something silly on social media. Donald Trump has come out telling everyone Russia was behind his hacks. That still doesn't explain his horrendous tweets he posts. But at some stage, if your a celebrity or big business, you get hacked. McDonald's has been hacked, AussieBum has been hacked, Kim K has been hacked. Just don't make your password so easy to guess.

But since when are we not allowed to like something even though others may not approve of it? Each to their own. On the flip, Karl could be supportive of his successors on the Today Show and wish them the best of luck. Taking the high road in life. Good on you Karl

Original Article from News.com.au

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