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#MeToo #Whitewash

This week Channel Nine has announced a shake up of their morning News TV The Today Show.

In 2018 the troubled morning show saw some of the lowest rates ever. A lot of this was being blamed on the very public down fall of the “Golden Child” of the Nine Network, Karl Stefanovic.

The Today Show believes it’s new fresh faced hosting panel consisting of Georgie Gardener, Deborah Knight and Tony Jones. Will a two female hosting panel be their big game changer to win viewers back?

The troubled morning show is in for a rough ride to start 2019 as they sort out their new panels jitters and the harsh criticism that is flying the social media world from viewers. Both Today Show and Sunrise need a complete overhaul so that the shows are relevant to the younger generation. The only people I know who watch morning TV are my parents, while they read their iPad's for the news, but both are retired.

Is it just me or is Australian TV whitewashed?

Australian TV needs to look at the likes of American News to see that they have taken diversity by both hands and run with it. With different, races, colour and gender types gracing their screens. Yes that have hundreds of channels to choices from but Australia need to be more forward thinking.

This not only applies to morning TV but Australian made TV shows and radio programs.

The time for change is now. A new generation is ready to create change and see further diversity and change on our TV screens and radio waves.

Original Article from News.com.au

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