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Would you have been caught?

In Australia we have some of the weird road rules. Most of which we as everyday drivers have no idea they even exist.

As a child you were always told to keep your arms inside the car. Little did we realise its illegal to even have you arm resting on the window frame as you're driving along on a hot sunny day.

Now we learn that even having your seat reclined could get you into trouble.

What's the point in being able to recline your chair during a long road trip if it's illegal? I'm not good at sleeping upright while being a passenger in the front. More distributing is that they leave the decision, if pulled over by the police, it up to the individual police officer to determine if the offence is illegal or not.

So when can you recline?

Only when the car is stationary. So in other words only if you live in you car, sleep overnight in my car or waiting for someone who is taking a very long time. If I was living in my car or sleeping overnight in my car, in fact, I would be doing so in the back seat not the front as there just isn't enough room to be comfortable in the front.

But I see their point of view. If you're driving with your the seat reclined the seat belt isn't securing you or doing the job it's intended to do. In 95% of cars the seat belt isn't attached to the seat it's attached to the cars frame work. This then becomes a safely issues if an accident was to happen.

Its been proven over and over again that seat belts save lives. The drive should ensure, before putting the car into drive, that all passengers are clipped in.

What does this mean for our feature in driving? Does this mean we will start seeing seat belts on car seats as we move towards autonomous cars. I highly doubt we will be seating in cars like we are now when we aren't the ones driving it. The revolution on the car seat and seat belt is still to come.

Original article from News.com.au

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