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Hot Cross Bun Warning


If you're a hot cross bun lover, like so many people out there are. You might need to look out for how many you are eating before getting behind the wheel.

A Western Australian truck driver, Heather Jones, has issued a warning for road users who like to snack on hot cross buns while behind the wheel. She demonstrates, in a video posted to the Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls Inc. Facebook page, how just one bite of the delicious snack can impact your blood alcohol level.

“So, this morning we found out something interesting for all you guys and girls that are going to eat hot cross buns for breakfast or for smoko,” she says in the video.

“I’m going to blow and show you something.”

Heather blows into the breathalyser and shows a BAC reading of 0.000.

She then takes a bite out of a hot cross bun before using the breathalyser again, this time returning a reading of 0.018.

“So, be really careful this Easter,” she said after the demonstration.

The video has been viewed more than 5 million times since being uploaded on Sunday and has sparked mixed reactions from social media users.

As one commenters claims food that have yeast in them such as hot cross buns, pizza and bread, often record BAC readings right after being eaten which is why you should wait 15 minutes after eating before using the device to ensure there are no traces of the food left in your mouth.

Alcolimit, one of Australia’s leading brands of breathalysers, warns against trying to test your BAC level straight after eating or drinking.

“It is imperative to not consume anything for 10-15 minutes before testing in case food or drink contains a small amount of alcohol,” the website reads.

Will this be stopping you from eating hot cross buns?

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