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Apple partners with Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

Crazy news this week came out of the annual CES convention in Las Vegas.

Samsung has put its beef with Apple a side to announce it will bring iTunes to all it Smart TVs. This is exciting news for all Apple lovers as they will now be able to play their iTunes purchased/rented TV shows and Movies on their Samsung TV rather than just watching it on their iPad, iPhone or computer.

This is the first time Apple has expanded outside of its own ecosystem with its streaming service. Other than iTunes for Microsoft.

Apple is planning to compete head to head with other well-established streaming services like Netflix, Stan, Amazon, and Hulu (not available in Australia), who has got a firm foothold in the market as they already appear on multiple streaming devices. With Disney announcing their own streaming service, Apple is getting a head start by partnering with one of the largest Smart TV manufacturers in the world. With a press of the button, or software upgrade all Samsung Smart TV get iTunes. BOOM!

All this means now is that everyone will have another choice to view their content. Who needs free-to-air TV with ads when you can just stream your favourite shows ad-free for around $12 a month.

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