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Woolies setting trends

Image sourced from Medical News Today

Woolworth reckons it knows what's good for you.

With our New Years resolution to always be healthy than the year before. Woolworth thinks it knows the food craze of the year, 2019.

Kefir. Eh, what? What is Kefir? It's a Russian invented slightly fizzy drink, bursting with bacteria. Sometimes called the “champagne of milk” and is a fermented drink made with a yeast starter of kefir grains which are mashed to create the liquid. Yum Yum!

Woolworth's senior nutritionist, Natalie Chong said kefir was part of a movement towards foods that aid in gut health as people focus on digestive wellness.

“This year we predict that functional products such as green banana flour, cereals with prebiotic fibre and fermented foods with probiotics like kefir will become increasingly popular with customers,” she said.

It’s this year’s kombucha so don’t be left behind. Jump on the bandwagon now and impress all your friends. It’s also said to cure hangovers, so bring it.

Will you be trying it once it hits the Woolies shelves?

Original article from news.com.au

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