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Mute an artist on Spotify

Have you ever wanted to block an artist that appears in your Spotify playlists or radio stations?

For me, it's the whining sounds of Taylor Swift that annoys me. All her songs about ex-boyfriends and girl power. Boring.

Thank God. Spotify had finally started the beta phase of muting artists, only available on the iOS platform. By muting an artist, it will no longer appear in your playlist or radio stations.

Spotify will let you block music from any artist you don’t like throughout the app. This means it will block music from that artist on your personal library, playlists, automatically curated playlists, charts, radios, and everything else. - Thurrott from Spotify annouced

So how do you use the muting function? Easy!

Step one: Head to the Spotify artists profile page you wish to mute. Step two: Click the top right-hand corner next to the newly re-positioned follow button. Step three: From the menu select ’Don't play this artist.’

It's that simple.

I personally look forward to my TayTay free playlists.

Which artist will be on your mute list?

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