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Renting in Sydney - Opinion

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The search for somewhere to live, no matter where you are in the world, is always hard. Having to deal with real estate agents and a large volume of competing of other people look for places to live, makes the task of getting out there daunting.

I have personally started look for a place to rent. The first weekend of inspection didn't leave the greatest or the most confident feeling. With a listing of five inspections scheduled the morning was going to go quick. With all the appointments in the same area, which meant I could park and walk to each one easily enough.

The first apartment I arrived at I could see five groups waiting outside. The a-frame side out the front of the building read 'for sale'. I had to double check my ad to make sure if I was at the right location and time. Yes, that's right the apartment I wanted to inspect to rent was also up for sale. The agent was about ten mins late to his 30 mins scheduled viewing. When questioned by other confused people waiting, he went on the explain that the owner is looking to sell but wanted to see if they would get any rental application on the unit. WHAT?! This completely turned me off viewing this apartment, so I moved on to the next scheduled one.

The next viewing was only a few building over. There was no a-frame out the front to indicate that the apartment was open. Again I checked the app, and I was due to be open at the time I was there. I called the agent to see if they could assist. No Answer. Oh great, today is not off to a great start. Two apartment viewings and I haven't been able to view one yet.

So time to move on. The next appointment was a ten min walk.

The agent was there and had the apartment open. The agent greeted us with a friendly smile and informative information about the apartment and the application process. The apartment was lovely, spacious and clean. I can see why there are a lot of people viewing it. The likely hood of me getting it was slim as I have a small dog, plus the distance from the station was a little too far for me.

Back to the same building a number two inspection. The same agent as appointment one turns up with his bank broker. Hmm... A small group of prospective renters cram into the elevator, and we head to the top floor. We enter into an empty two bedroom apartment. Small kitchen and bedroom with full carpet flooring. Not something I was looking for. But again, the agent is trying to sell the apartment and not rent it.

If you are playing along, you may have count four apartments. I mentioned I have five scheduled at the beginning. Due to the pure disappointment of the mourning I didn't go to the fifth appointment as I was utterly deflated.

In an already confusing real estate marketing, real estate agent, selling and renting, need to make it clear which the apartment owner wants to do. The feeling at an owner that wants to sell potentially give you the confidence if you're looking to rent the apartment from them.

The search will continue. But the first taste is ridiculous and disheartening.

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