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Day 1 - Sydney to Johannesburg - Let the waiting begin

Our African adventure has now started. 10 days visiting the game parks of South Africa and the stunning Natural Wonder of the World, Victoria Falls.

First stop Sydney Airport, if we ever arrive there.

The trip from home to the airport was a lot longer than expected. Sydney International Airport is one of the worse airports to try and get into in the morning. We waited in a long queue to get into departure drop off area. Lucky we left enough time and an understanding Uber driver.

We eventually arrived at the terminal, proceeded through the quick Qantas self-services check-in, which to be honest was super confusing, and no one was around to provide assistance. Typical Qantas. Once we had processed our own bags, we proceeded to line up to go through security and waited in a cafe before boarding. I’m sure the security process would be streamlined a lot better, but waiting in lines is all apart of travelling these days so it must be expected.

We boarded our flight on time. It was an old Qantas 737-400 'Queen of the Sky' refitted plane. There was great legroom for someone with short legs but very narrow seats. I’m not big or anything to they were even tight for me. I was lucky to have no-one seated next to me.

We left Sydney at 11:30 am, about 15 minutes behind schedule.

Sydney to Johannesburg is about 13 hours and 20-minute flight.

Anyone who has travelled before will know the only thing you can do on a long haul flight is watch the in-flight entertainment system or read, but I’m not a big reader. As I hadn't flown in a while, I had some great content to catch up on.

On our flight, they asked us 3 times to interrupt our entertainment to restart the inflight entertainment system. It was super annoying but more than 60% of the planes seatback entertainment screens didn't work. Each time we had to wait 10 minutes for the reboot to finish. After the second restart, they started moving people to different seats. I was one of the lucky ones.

The food throughout the flight was very average. Let's just say the vegetarian option was a lot better than the other options.

After the long 13 and a half hour flight, we landed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The process through immigration and customers was a breeze. The walk from the terminal to the bus was even easier. Straight out the terminal doors and keep walking straight ahead.

Our accommodation for tonight is only a 3 minutes shuttle ride away. Southern Sun O.R Tambo International Airport.

Southern Sun O.R Tambo International Airport only minutes drive from the Johannesburg Airport

Southern Sun O.R Tambo International Airport was a nice hotel. Full of travellers passing through and business people for their company conference. This is where our enough group all come together for the first time. We have all travelled on different flights as some came from different countries. One from the UK, one from Hong Kong, Ten from Australia but came in from different directions. Four fly through Dubai, two fly over a few days early to spend time in Cape Town and four fly direct from Sydney but each couple fly different airlines. After dropping our bags off in the hotel room and splashing a little water on my face. I headed downstairs to have a buffet dinner, where everyone else was waiting. There was a large selection on offering at the buffet, but after flying for such a long time, with very little sleep, all I wanted to do was sleep.

Stunning selection of food from the buffet

After a two hour dinner and chat, it was finally time to rest. It was 8 pm local time, and I was very ready for bed.

Thanks to:

Airline - QANTAS

Accommodation - Southern Sun O.R Tambo International Airport

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