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Day 4 - Guernsey - Get Me Out Of Here

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

This morning we awoke to find our tent surrounded by Zebras. It was amazing to sit on the balcony and enjoy my morning tea while watching nature right in front of you.

Zebras just behind out tent

Just a few tents down they had a giraffe near their tent. Hard to see as he was hidden behind the trees, but you could spot his long legs.

Peak a boo I see you

After sneaking around taking photos of animals around our tents, it was time for breakfast. A cold breakfast of fruit, yogurt and cereal followed by a custom hot breakfast order. Bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroom and baked beans.

Today was our first full day with the morning being an excursion to the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre.

This was an eye-opening experience. With all the animals you see no longer able to be released into their natural environment, the centre uses the animals as an educational tool, not just for tourist like us, but also for touring around the to local fairs and schools as an educational tool to communication the impact we have had on the animals environments over the thousands of years and how we can help to protect them.

Throughout the tour, you get introduced to all the varieties of birds and the resident lions, lioness, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, etc. There isn't much between you and a massive lion at one point.

We are introduced to the resident birds. Get closer Miriam

Looking into the eyes of the king of the jungle

His a very big boy

The ladies must wait until the male lion eats first.

I thought hyaenas were smaller. Thanks Disney.

Cheetah resting in the heat of the day

It's a leopard up a tree

Stunning to seeing this beautiful animal up-close

Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre is a must-see venue if you are travelling around Kruger National Park.

After our educational experience instead of driving back to the lodge, which was a waste of time as we have plans for the afternoon, which was just around the corner, we headed to 24 Degrees South. An upmarket lodging location which also has an open to the public cafe, car museum and shops.

The cafe we had lunch at was called Anne's Cotton Club Cafe. It also happens to be the location that the film crew for Australia's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here like to visit to get away from set, which is only up the road.

Anne's Cotton Club Cafe in 24 Degrees South

Today I was the only adventurous one, I ordered the Springbok for lunch. This thinly sliced meat was absolutely amazing. When in Africa and you get a chance to try it, go for it.

Delicious Springbok

After lunch we had a little time to kill so we walked around the shops, museum and even watched a large scale chess intense chess match before it was time to jump back into the bus and head to our 3:00 pm tour on the Blyde Dam.

24 Degrees South - Car and motorbike museum

A spot of outdoor chess while we wait. Miriam, you can still win.

The Blyde Dam is home to hippos and also Australia's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. For 2-3 months of the year, mostly around December January, the access to the dam is blocked off for filming with access online granted to film crews and celebrities.

Our dam tour guy has made several appearances on the show as the animal handler and also to brief the celebrities and crew about the dangers of being in the wild, not that they are in any danger at any stage.

We arrive to the Blyde Dam and board your pontoon boat

All aboard

We boarded our own pontoon boat and heading out on the very windy dam to see what we could find. The dam is surrounded by some extremely stunning rock formations that have stood the test of time and many warring battles between local tribes, hundreds of years ago. The dam is home to a variety of different bird, hippos and crocs. We were lucky to see hippos having a dip in the late afternoon and see crocs trying to capture the last rays of sunlight to warm up.

The towering cliff faces as you cruise along the dam

The Blyde Dam is home to many different types of water birds

The Blyde Dam is home to a family to hippopotamus

A lazy crocodile laying on the dam bank capturing the last sun rays of the day

The tour was a windy 1.5 hour but made enjoyable with a few drinks handed out onboard.

We returned to the lodge about 5:30 pm after a long day of being out and about. We dropping our bags and cameras back in our tents, put some warmer clothes on and we all gathered in the main lodge for a few drinks and a group game before dinner.

Dinner was called at 7:30 pm in the main dining area. On tonight's menu, I went with the vegetable soup, Ostrich burger and finished off with chocolate sponge cake. The burger was nice. It was very much like eating a beef patty.

After a long day, we hit the sake at 8:30 pm. But tomorrow we have a 5:00 am start.

Thanks to:

Accommodation - Ngama Tented Safari Lodge

Restaurant - Anne's Cotton Club Cafe

Activity - Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Activity - Blyde Canyon Adventures

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