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Day 5 - Guernsey - Where's the Giraffes?

This morning was an early start. The alarm went off at 4:30 am. On this brisk morning, we rugged up and headed back out to Manyeleti for a morning game drive.

The best time to do game drives is in the morning or afternoon. It is cooler for the animals. The hot sun during the day makes the animals tired and less likely to be active for you to see.

The morning sunrise over Manyeleti Game Reserve as we set off for a game drive

We left the lodge at 5 am to arrive at the park gates by 6 am. We quickly climbed into our safari jeeps one more time and headed out into the wild again with our speedy driver Tiger. Let's hope we get a chance to stop and actually take photos of animals today.

As Manyeleti shares the border with Kruger they respect by other park and do not cross the imaginary fence line. This means when animals are on the move the drivers drive as fast as they can to the location so their clients can see the animals before they wander into Kruger and you miss out on seeing the animals.

This morning as another exciting trip. First up as a sighting of a Cheetah. We rushed to its location. It was hard to miss, as all other safari tours were also surrounding the area. We sat in silence, staring at this beautiful animal. All you can hear is the shutter of everyone's camera. I was probably one of the worse as I took as many photos as I could before we moved onto the next animal sighting.

Can you spot the Cheetah?

Oh there it is. Blends into its surroundings. Perched on a high mound to search its territory for prey.

Our driver moved us on so other people could come in and view the Cheetah also. We headed off down the road looking for animals as nothing new had been called in over the radio.

Oh hi

Then suddenly they radioed in a sighting of two lionesses. We speed off to the location, which wasn't too far from where we were.

We arrived to see a herd of zebra and wildebeest grazing in the long grass. With 3 other cars ahead of us, we sat and waited. The spotters have last track on the lionesses. Then all of a sudden, the herd turned and started running for their lives. The lionesses have been stalking the herd. What a sight that would have been. To see a real-life animal stalk and kill. The amazing circle of life.

A herd of zebra and wildebeest grazing no knowing there are being stalked.

Once the herd had moved away, and the cars were able to see the lionesses again, we all drive closer to surround them so everyone could take photos.

She missed out of food and hurt he nose after running into an termite mound

That's a close call. Vicky and Danni you can't stop holding your breath I don't think it saw you.

Two lioness search for there near chance to chase food

Looking stunning in the soft morning light

Okay. We will leave you alone now.

What an exciting morning we have had. After the lionesses walked away to find something else to eat, we drive out of harms away to stop for a little morning safari tea and coffee and snacks. It was an opportunity to take group photos in the soft morning sun.

Time for some morning tea or coffee

Time for a family phone. Photo courtesy of Lachlan

After we jumped back into the car and started to make our way back to the main gate.

By this time, the sun was starting to warm up, and we were beginning to peel our heavy winter jackets off.

We returned to the lodge for a late breakfast. Again it was the same as every other day. Cold followed by hot.

We all sat around the table talk about the fantastic morning we had had a shared our photos, funny they all looked the same as we were all there.

After our late breakfast, we spend the late morning relaxing around the camp. Reading, sleeping, enjoying a pleasant outdoor shower or starting to repack our bags as our adventure on the South African plains are about to come to an end.

Since breakfast was so late, we had a late lunch around the local watering pole, not that you could or would want to swim in it. The staff set up a stunning array of lunch choices of us as we sat under the trees and enjoyed each other conversational company. We also got to enjoy watching the nature around us. From a pack of male impala coming down for a drink at the watering hole. Watching some warthog wallow in a mud puddle. Watched native birds singing and talking around us and of course, we have our resident monkeys not far from us.

Lake side lunch

A great taste selection of food.


An afternoon of relaxing in the beautiful surroundings. Photo courtesy of Lachlan

Wallowing warthogs

Cheeky little monkey. Photo courtesy of Lachlan

As the sun started to sink behind the trees and air began to cool. We ended our waterside picnic and headed back to our tents to work up and prepare for dinner. But before dinner, to celebrate our last night in the wild, we had a few before dinner drinks and another round of games.

Our last dinner was called at 7:30 pm. We headed to dinner like we were all walking to Survivors Tribal Council.

Tonight's dinner was a buffet style again. Rice, curry, veggies, pumpkin, stuffed chicken (a bit dry). We all sat around our long table and enjoyed our last night here at Nagama.

Last supper out under the stars.

After dinner, at 8:30 pm, we headed back to our tents. Everyone decided to head to bed. My sister and I decided it was a beautiful clear night. We decided, since it was our last night, we would try and take photos of the stunning sky above before calling it a night. It was the first time I had tried this without someone showing me how to do it. Let's just say it's harder than it looks, but we still gave it a go. The sky was the clearest; it had been the whole trip so far.

Trying night photography

The sky looks so beautiful

After taking more than enough photos, we needed back to the end to get ready for bed and enjoy our last night's sleep in our luxury tent.

Thanks to:

Accommodation: Ngama Tented Safari Lodge

Activity: Manyeleti Game Reserve

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