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Day 6 - Guernsey to Johannesburg - Schools In Session

This morning was an early start at 5:45am. The air was very fresh.

As it was our final morning before leaving Ngama, we started our walking safari journey around our private game park to see what animals we could see.

Morning Impala

A fresh educational work around the private game park

Rugged up in our winter coats, we all headed out on our walk. The sun rose through the bare trees was amazing. A lot of Imara we out enjoying the morning sun.

Davon was our guide again today as we followed the tracks of animals who had explored the park at night. We tracked a cheetah and other animal tracks. We got to talk a lot about animal poo, as there weren’t many animals out.

Now lets talk about poo

After our educational morning, we returned to the tents for breakfast and to pack and shower before leaving for the airport.

We left Ngama in a safari car at 11:30pm to head to the Hoedspruit airport. We thought we were getting in a minibus to head to the airport. Had we know it was going to be a safari car I’m sure many of us wouldn’t have showered and done our hair as we were now dusty and wind blow. Oh, I wish I had put sunscreen on my arms as I was on the sunny side of the air.

Like the welcoming party, the African wild came out to say farewell to us, giraffes and elephants all at the fence line waiting for us to drive past. I wish we had seen more giraffes without fences in the way. But typical, I had my pro camera packed away for flight as we sure our final African wildlife.

See you next time mister giraffe

We arrived at the small rural airport of Hoedspruit with only 5-6 flights out of the airport a day. The check-in process was straightforward and quick. We are only flying back to Johannesburg. We said our farewells to Devon. For some, I won’t name names Miriam, it was a sad farewell. But I doubt it will be the last time we hear her talk about him.

After checking in, we all went to the waiting area. It’s not your standard waiting area, lots of waiting room with large oversized leather armchairs and lounges, a small cafe, a souvenir store if this is your last stop before heading home and you want to get something, and an open area in the middle with tables and chairs under a single tree.

It was scorching. We all had a refreshing drink and junk food while we waited for our flight to be called. While we waited, we saw lots of cheeky little monkeys running around. They were waiting till people turned there backs to them before dropping down from the tree and eating the sugar packets.

Cheeky monkey waiting for some sucker to turn their back so he can steal their sugar packets.

2:30pm and our flight was called. Time to move into another small holding area. Single file a whole plane of people slowly walked through a single metal detector.

Once inside the boarding room, we had another wait. By this time we are getting used to waiting.

There was a little confusing as another flight was called at the same time, to the same location, and people were starting the double guess if our flight was called at all. The group was now all split up, and we hope that everyone had passed through security with no issues.

It was now time for us to start boarding the buses while will take us into the military airport where our plane awaits. The buses had no aircon and no windows open. It was extremely hot waiting until the 2 buses were both full before we heading out to the plane.

Bus full? Let's go!

We boarded the large Embraer 190, which was a happy surprise for Miriam as she thought we were getting on a small craft.

We left Hoedspruit at 2:30 pm bound for Johannesburg. The flight is only one hour. Nothing but headphones to entertain ourselves. I think my sister was getting annoyed that I was dancing in my seat to my music.

The flight was very uneventful, and we landed in Johannesburg at 3:15 pm. You would think it would be easy to get off the plane, pick up your bags and exit the airport to the hotel. Nope. We disembarked the plane and then waited for 40 minutes for our bags to come out. We even watched the plane that fly from Hoedspruit after us pick up their bags and leave.

After a long wait, we finally got our bags and headed to the hotel transfer area, as we will be spending the night at the Southern Sun O.R Tambo International Airport again.

We arrived at the hotel at 5pm. Checked into our room and prepared ourselves for dinner.

My sister and I had a room that was very noisy. The sound of constant piano playing could be heard clearly through our room. Lucky it is only one night.

We all meet up for our buffet dinner, a few drinks and lots of chatting.

After dinner, we headed off to bed as we have an early start to fly to Victoria Falls.

Thanks to:

Accommodation: Ngama Tented Safari Lodge

Accommodation: Southern Sun O.R Tambo International Airport

Activity: Ngama Tented Safari Lodge

Airline: South African Airways

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