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Day 10 - Acclimatisation and rest in Brayanga - 8hrs

Day Description

Today is time to relax by spending an acclimatisation day in Brayanga. This whole day we can spend doing fine day walks and viewing the magnificent sights around the village. By the end of the day, we return to our accommodation for a good meal and sleep.


This morning we were instructed to be up for breakfast at 6am, as our guide wanted to leave the guest house by 6:30am. That didn’t happen was breakfast wasn’t ready till 6:15am, so we got away at about 6:45am.

A frosty morning with a stunning outlook

Boy is it a fresh morning. There is frost all over the ground as we start heading up the hill in front of the hotel.

We were told we were going to the top of the hill. But things change.

First rest stop view of the day

The trail was hot and dusty. The hill was steep and we had no option but to push ourselves to put one foot in front of the other to get to the top of the hill. The views along the way was picturesque. I took as many moments as I could to take it all in as I wasn’t coming back.

Catching our breath with a view up the valley to see where we will be heading over the next few days.

As we reach the top of the first rise we stopped for a break. We had been walking for about 2 hours and we kept getting told it was over the rise. We pushed on slowly up hill. The altitude is playing we our breathing. Having to take more breaks to do breathing exercises.

We reached the top of another rise, where a restaurant sits overlooking the views. We sit down for a lemon tea with a view. We read the sign “you’re at 4250m.” Okay but I want it to read is "you're at 4600m" the height of the lake. We have another 1.5 hours a head of us to reach the ice lake.

Ice Lake, Nepal

After about 4.5 hours of up hill struggle we arrived at the lake. It wasn’t ice, like the name suggests. It might have been ice cold water but I didn’t see any ice. We took some photos and had a rest before we made our way back to the hotel for lunch.

Breath taking views

The stunning views don't end

It was a lot quicker coming back down than going up. But the slope was very steep and rocky on the way back. I only took a tumble once, and I was standing still. But there was many slips.

We finally got back to the hotel where dad and I were completely exhausted. We had lunch around 3pm. We both had egg and cheese sandwiches with a side of fries.

Dinner will only be light tonight, as we only had lunch a few hours earlier. We are both having mushroom to warm up before bed.


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