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Day 11 - Trek to Tilicho Base Camp (4150m) - 8hrs

Day Description:

After acclimatising at Manang we continue our adventure towards Tilicho Lake! The lake is situated on the west end of Manang following the path down to the river. After crossing Khangsar Khola we reach Khangsar and head towards the village region. This area is still very traditionally Tibetan and known as the Last Village of Nepal.

Today we trek via a large path and pass a Gompa, a Buddhist monastery. The route ahead follows a quite new path up towards a high ridge and meets an intersection. One path maintains the altitude, traversing the slopes towards a place where the valley is narrow. The other continues to ascend towards the line of the ridge. The original path is very old, and is much more difficult as it goes on really steep screed. The second path is the new one that goes a completely different way. We follow the new path, where we reach a high crest and descend on switch backs carved out through the screed slopes to a side valley of the main valley. At its bottom is a brook which we cross to the building on the other side that is known as Tilicho Base Camp (4200m).


Well another day, another change of plans. Instead of walking only 2.5hrs today to Khangsar (3734m), our guide wants us to push forward to Tilicho Base Camp at 4150m.

We awoke to breakfast at 6:30am and left the guest house by 7:00am.

The walk was long and dusty. As we had a lot of other people heading in the same direction kicking up dust in front of us.

The walk into Khangsar

We had a short tea break in Khangsar before getting back on the trail and following the dust clouds in front. The hard part of the day finally arrived. From Tosinja to base camp it is all up hill. Slow and steady we go.

The walk up the valley from Khangsar to Shreekharka

We stopped for lunch in Shreekharka around 11:30am and took in the spectacular vista out the window. We could see right down the valley to where we had come from days earlier. We will be coming back here tomorrow night to sleep rather than having two nights at Tilicho Base Camp as planned.

Beware travelling through the landslip area

After an hour and a half lunch break we finally approached the landslip area. A mountain side entirely of fine rocks which waking it hard to walk on and created a higher chance of me slipping. Which I did.

The journey was never ending. You constantly keep telling yourself "the destination is just around the corner" or "just over that ridge". At some stage it has to be true.

Afternoon arrival into Tilicho Lake Base Camp

We arrived into a very crowded Base Camp at 3pm. Much to our surprise our guide was able to pull us a room with an attached toilet, great for dad as he gets up a million times a night to go.

We spend the afternoon in our room putting all our clothes on to staying warm and sleeping till dinner.

Dinner is at our normal time of 6:30pm but we will be heading down to the restaurant at 4:30pm just so we can secure a seat to eat dinner. As their is only 2 guest houses at the base camp room accommodation is hard. Many have to resort to sleeping in tents or on dining room floors. I'm glad we were lucky to get a room.

Tomorrow will be a long day. We will be welcomed with a long up to 3 hour walk up to Tilicho Lake and then all the way back to Shreekharka.


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