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Day 12 - Trek to Tilicho Lake (4990m) - 6hrs and back to Shreekharka (4072m) - 2.5hrs

Day Description:

Today we go to Tilicho Lake! The day begins very early in the morning at around 6am as we try to avoid the wind. From Base Camp to Tilicho lake takes another 3 to 4 hours. Tilicho Lake, claimed as highest lake of the world, is a cold barren place in the afternoon.


Today was a hard slog.

Sunrise at Tilicho Base Camp

We woke at 4:45am to pack our stuff up and get ready for breakfast. We were both awake well before then, as the rest of the camp was awake and using the communal toilet which was next to our room. Some people try way to hard in the morning.

We had breakfast and were on the trail to Tilicho Lake. The worlds highest lake at 4920m above sea level.

The morning was cold and everyone had their down jackets on to walk in, except for me. I knew with the first little bit of sun come out and I would be stuffing it all back into my bag. The first part of the uphill was just a warm up compared to what was to come.

It was long and drawn out. The views around you, when you stop to catch your breath are spectacular. The snow capped mountains we saw days earlier are now right in front of us.

Looking up the valley towards Tilicho Lake

The closer we got to the top the colder the wind became.

Tilicho Lake Lookout 4990m

We finally reach our destination, Tilicho Lack lookout at 4990m. It was breath taking and not just because the windy was so cold. We spend a good 10mins taking photos before taking the track back down to Base Camp for lunch.

White capped mountains surrounding Tilicho Lake

Spectacular views of the the mountains around us

The round trip took us 6 hrs. But many trekkers like to run as fast as they can, like the lake will disappear. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Take your time to look at what’s around you.

As much as the track to the lake was long, with a lot of fouls hopes around corners. It’s well worth taking the 3 extra days to do.

After our 1 hour lunch at Base Camp, we hit the trail again to head back the same was we travelled the previous day back to Sheerkharka.

The afternoon walk wasn’t long. Just 2.5 hours. We arrived into Shreekharka at 3pm. Time to unwind in our room before heading down for dinner at 6:30pm. Spaghetti with cheese. Yum.

Tomorrow should be a relatively short day around 4-5 hours. We are currently 1 day ahead of our original schedule. But plans change.


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