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Day 13 - Trek to Yak Kharka (4000m) - 5hrs

Day Description:

Today we continue and descend by nearly 500 meter. We climb steadily through Tenki Manang, leaving the Marsyangi Valley. From there we continue through the Jarsang Khola Valley and reach Yak Kharka (4000m). From here you see that herds of yaks and vegetations clearly thin out.


Sunrise through the valley

Today we got to sleep in. Well we tried. With some many other trekkers around us getting up early, so we just had to lay there.

Today we don’t have far to walk. We are heading to Yak Kharka, which is back on the Annapurna Circuit trail, as Tilicho Lake is a side track.

Autumn colours as we walk through Khangsar high pass

Breakfast was planned for 7:30am for us so we could hit the trail at 8:00am. We had to head back towards Khangsar, which we had pass through a few days prior, but this time taking a high trail over the top of town, so we could save time and not totally backtrack.

View down the Manang Valley from where we had come from the weeks before

Once we finally reached the top of the ridge we could see the valley we had been travelling up for the last week. This will be the last time we see this view as we now head further up the valley towards to Thorung La Pass in 2 days time.

We rejoin the main Annapurna Circuit Trail

We rejoined the Annapurna Circuit trail and continue to follow it up the valley. There is a lot of fellow trekkers joining the journey to Thorung La Pass. Many trekkers don’t do Tilicho Lake and go from Manang up and over Thorung La pass.

Thorung La Pass is the worlds highest Pass at 5416m above sea level. Something I can tick off my bucket list while I’m young.

View down the valley from our hotel in Yak Kharka

We arrived into Yak Kharka at 1:00pm just in time for lunch. Hot noodles for me and tomato soup for dad.

Window View

Our afternoon consists of us resting and napping before dinner at 6:30pm. Tonight we are both trying lasagne.

Tomorrow we head to High Camp. This will be our last stop before we head across Thorung La Pass and descend into lower altitudes again.


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