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Day 14 - Trek to Thorung High Camp (4800m) - 4hrs

Day Description:

Today we ascend for two hours and then descends again to cross the river (4310m). Then we climb up to Thorong Phedi (4450m) where decent guesthouses have been built in the recent years. Then continue to climb up the steepest part of the day High Camp (4800m).


Today was a race against the clock. Will we make it to Thorung High Camp before 1pm. If we don’t we miss out on a room and have to sleep in the dining hall on the floor with a mattress and warm blanket.

We woke at 5:30am to pack and get ready for breakfast. It was a cold night last night and the beds were terribly uncomfortable, but we had our own toilet so it’s always a highlight, especially for dad.

As we opened the doors of our room to go for breakfast we could see why it was so cold. Frost. Frost all over the ground. Water pimps and water bucket frozen stiff.

Breakfast was quick. Omelette and cheese. Then back to our room to grab our stuff at leave at 7:30am.

Stunning river cross on the Thorong Pedi

Today’s trail was easy to follow. Just follow the long line of trekkers heading in the same direction. The view was very minimal. Dirt.

The walk was mostly gentle uphill until we got to Thorong Pedi. Which is where we were originally going to spend tonight. But I’m glad we decided to push on to High Camp as the 1hr almost straight uphill climb would have been crap as a starter to another life milestone day.

The final approach to High Camp

The slope to High Camp was long with lots of switch backs. I pushed on straight up leaving dad well behind. With little breather breaks along the way I arrived at our destination at 11:20am.

Yes, we secured a room. It was small and cold but it was a private room.

By the time dad decided to join us it was lunch time. We both had homemade pasta, tomato and cheese. Boy was I hungry.

Tonight dinner will be early at 5:30pm as there are more than 100 people staying at High Camp and we all squeezed into a small space to try and keep warm.

As High Camp is the highest camp on the Annapurna Circuit many people strive to reach this camp the night before going over the pass. The camp is not equipped to handle the volumes of people it receives. There is only 1 toilet and limited rooms.

We will be rising early tomorrow morning at 3:00am so we can make to pass by sunrise.

Tomorrow we will pass over the Highest Pass in the world. Like trekking to Everest Base Camp, it’s another achievement I can put under my belt of worldly adventures. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to travel and achieve these out of the box life milestones. At least I can die knowing I didn’t waste every vacation laying around the pool of a 5 star resort.


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