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Day 17 - Bus to Tatopani (1190m) - 4.5hrs

Day Description:

Today we are off to Tatopani, which means ’hot water’. Here, we enjoy the hot springs and spend the night.


“Andrew aren’t we having breakfast at 7:00am? It’s 6:20am now, we have slept in”

“Dad, it’s 1:55am.”

“Stupid watch must have reset its self to Sydney time. Did you have an alarm set?”

“Yes. For 6:15am as request.”

“Ok. Good. Go back the sleep. All good.”

This morning we woke at 6:15am, when my alarm went off, and we packed and went to breakfast at 7:00am.

Breakfast was quickly over in 10mins. Doesn’t take long to eat eggs.

The sunning sun rise over the mountain as we wait for the bus

We wandered down to the bus stop to wait for our bus to Tatopani, where we will finally get to rest for two days.

Since today was going to be a long 4-5 hour drive, dad and I suggested to get pricing on a private Jeep just to be a little more comfortable, as the bus yesterday was not fun. But like most times, our guide purchased bus tickets and we will be getting on a local deluxe bus. Lets hope its a step up from yesterday.

We waited for the bus on the side of the dusty dirty road for an hour twenty. 6 buses drive past before our bus turned up.

On the bus to Tatopani

As we had purchased tickets we all had allocated seats. And of course we were at the back of an already very full bus.

The bus ride was slow and bumpy. So bumpy that must the locals couldn’t handle it throwing up in small plastic bags before dropped them out the window. Some just choosing to shoot straight out the window, streaks can be seen flowing down the side of the bus.

The roads were rough and seeming to be, like everything else in Nepal, under construction. Roads that have been cut from mountains falling away faster then they can repair or build alternate ones. Most of the road is single lane making it hard to over take. It’s not a situation you like seeing yourself in as you have to reverse back right to the edge of the road with a 300m drop to rocks and muddy water below to let others passed.

The mountains as we drive to a lower altitude

As we drove down the valley and got lower in altitude more vegetation started to show. Forest appeared. Green grass could be seen. It would have been perfect to have a personal Jeep so we could have stopped along the way to take photos, but not the case.

The street of Tatopani full of shops and lodges

We arrived into Tatopani around 1:30pm just in time to drop our bags in our small jail like cell we will be calling a room for tonight and have some lunch. The weather is hot and steamy. The lunch menu is exactly the same as we have been looking at for the last 14 days. I don’t really want any of it.

As we completed our lunch our guide approached us again about changing the itinerary. He wants to move our rest day another 2 days away.

We are starting to get that all these changes are to benefit him and not us. We agreed to the changes and we will see if they change again tonight at dinner.

After lunch, dad and I went for a walk around town to stretch our legs. All 50 meters of it.

United nations of people gathered to wash off at the Tatopani Hot Springs

Our guide wants to meet at 5:00pm to take us to the hot springs. “5:00pm is good time for bathing.”

We headed down to the hot springs at 3:30pm, close enough to 5:00pm. There were two pools. One super hot, the other just hot. Temperature is about the 30 plus degrees celsius. It seemed like the United Nations had come together as everyone was chatting to each other from different countries. We stayed there for about 45 mins before heading back to our room for had to continue resting and reading.

We headed down to dinner at 6:30pm, it’s an outdoor restaurant, so we hope to not be eaten by bugs.

The options on the menu are getting very boring. I went with Mexican tonight with the bean burritos. Was different. Dad had a very disappointing pizza.

Soon after dinner we headed to bed.

Tomorrow we will be hitting the trail again and trekking uphill to our next destination which is 4-5 hours away, depending on how show dad walks, but we have all day anyway.


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