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Day 18 - Trek to Shikha (1935m) - 4hrs

Today we woke to the sound of gates opening and locals spitting their lungs out.

We headed down for breakfast at 7:00am after packing our stuff and preparing for a day of walking, not resting.

We left the guest house at 7:30am along with most of the other trekkers, as we are all heading in the same direction. Many are trekking to Ghorepani about 6 hours away. But today we are trekking half way to Shikha.

Today’s trekking is mostly uphill in the hot and steamy weather. It feels like we are in the tropics a stark contrast from the hot, dry, dusty mess of 2 days before.

Beginning the walk from Tatopani to Shikha

The sky was very smokey. So smokey that you couldn’t really see the snow capped mountains in the distance.

Picture perfect view from our bedroom window in Shikha

We arrived into Shikha around 11:30am. It’s a small town near the top of a hill. The outlook from our bedroom window looks up the valley in which we came today.

We had lunch looking up the valley and admiring what could be a spectacular view, if it wasn’t so smokey.

Dad doing his laundry like the locals

After lunch dad did a little washing at a local water outlet before returning to the room to sleep and rest until dinner at 6:30pm.

Tomorrow will be another half day of trekking but we will get 2 days off after to finally recover and fingers crossed have a much needed shower.


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