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Day 19 - Trek to Ghorepani (2840m) - 4.5hrs

Day Description

Today we make a big ascent, the biggest of this trek, to reach Ghorepani (2840m). First we cross the Kali Gandaki – again – and then the Ghar Khola rivers. Then we have a steep ascent of 380m whereafter the valley opens up. From there we ascend through terraced fields to Ghara (1780m). From here, the trail makes a gentle ascent across a landslide area to Shikha, a large and prosperous Magar village that marks the halfway stage.

We cross a stream and climb further up past Phalate (2390m) and Chitre (2420m). Then it is one more hour left, as we follow the steep climb up through lovely rhododendron and magnolia forests till we reach the first lodges of Ghorepani (2840m).



This morning we woke to the sound of roosters crowing and the little drummer boy who is now all grown up begging for food at every house and guest house by banging the same beat on his drum.

We got a bit of a sleep in this morning as we don’t have all that far to go. 4-5 hours depending on who you talk too.

We left Shika at 7:30am and it was all up hill from there. Stone step after stone step for what seemed like hours. The sun way hot and the sweat was pouring off me as the topical climate was getting to me. There were bugs flying everywhere. They looked a little like wasps but on a larger scale are lots of them.

Stunning morning valley views

The scenery was much the same as yesterday. The air was clearer this morning. We were able to see more surrounding mountains from our room. But as the day progressed the smog got thicker and we soon lost all sight of the mountains.

As I mentioned the day wasn’t all that scenic. So I spend most of my trekking time watching the path in front of me so to avoid the different types of poo on the trail. Horse, cow, chicken, human, but no dogs surprisingly enough.

When will these steps end

We have only a few breaks today, usually only long enough for us to catch our breath, blow our nose, have a drink of water and of course, for mr small bladder, to go to the toilet.

We made it to Ghorepani at 1:00pm. We dropped our stuff off and went down for lunch.

The view from our hill top room

Ghorepani is located on the top of a mountain ridge which over looks the valley below. The view would be spectacular if the clouds weren't covering it.

We spent the afternoon resting in our room as dinner was as 6:30pm, as usual. Our room sits right over the restaurant, so we can hear the loud drunk Euro family downstairs. In fact, they are in the room next to us. Great!

After dinner dad and I headed to bed. We have an early start in the morning as we hike to the top of Poon Hill, which, finger crossed, we should be able to see the Annapurna mountain range we have just walked around.


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