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Day 2 - Pre-trek meeting in Kathmandu (1400m)

This morning we woke early due to multiple time zone changes and the noisy streets of Thamel below us.

Our room at Kathmandu Eco Hotel is a suite. Containing 2 single beds, separate sitting area, private bathroom, TV and aircon. Only down side is it faces the street, so can get noisy at night.

This morning we started taking our Diamox tablets. A tablet we will be taking twice a day throughout the trip. We will need to keep our water levels up as Diamox makes to pee a lot.

Went downstairs for our complimentary breakfast. With mostly hot foods it was nice and filling. What I didn’t get was they were offering coffee with breakfast, provided us with instant poo, while the whole time they had a coffee machine at the bar. Hmmm....

After breakfast, to kill some time till we had an 8am meeting with our tour company, dad and I trekked to 6 levels of stairs in the hotel to the roof top terrace which, as described in the brochure, “beautiful terrace garden overlooking the green hills around the Kathmandu valley.”, okay so we didn’t see the green hills today as it was super smoggy. Which I believe is the same everyday.

8am came around and we had a sit down with Govinda who basically told us we will go through our planned trip later in the day with the guide.

Dad and I wandered around Thamel to get our bearings again and to see some of the locations we have visited 5 years ago when we were here. Keep in mind most places don’t open till 9:30 or 11am. The streets were packed with tourist out and about. All the store sell just about the same thing. Trekking gear and gifts to take home. Do we need another singing bowl?

While out adventuring the street we decided to start our tradition of eating apple strudel while here in Nepal. It’s only 9am but there is no time limits of a freshly made apple strudel.

We met up with Govinda around 11am at his shop, Goreto Gear Traders, to meet our guide and porter for our trip and to go over, on a map, our daily trekking points. Our guide, Prakash, a young local Nepalese guy who speaks English and Chinese, so dad is happy he speaks English despite not getting his lame jokes. Probably for the best.

They provided us with an updated map on the Annapurna region, so we can sit down and look over it ourselves.

Note: when trekking in the Annapurna region ensure you have the latest map that shows the new roads and updated trails as they are always changing.

After the meeting we grabbed some lunch. Since on the trip we will be vegetarian the whole time I’m trying my best to get as much natural protein into me before we go. Chicken burger it is with a side of fries. Then back to the hotel for an afternoon rest.

After some of the best sleep I’ve had in a while it’s 6pm. Dinner time. The hustle bustle of Thamel streets is in full swing. With all the local stores open and the tourist out and about enjoying the fine night.

We found a nice restaurant that over looked the street. For 2 reason.

1. So we can see the street life below to people watch.

2. If the power was to go out again, which it had a few times during the day, we wouldn’t be inside a dark room or down a dark alley way. Safety first.

Our first day in Kathmandu is complete. Tomorrow we start are long bus journey to Besisahar.


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