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Day 20 - Rest Day in Ghorepani - Hike to Poon Hill (3193m) - 1hr

We woke at 4:15am but didn’t need to pack our packs. Instead we were are going for a 50 minute up hill step exercise walk to the top of Poon Hill.

Poon Hill is the highest point in Ghorepani and also the best location to view the Annapurna peaks.

The walk to the top wasn’t all that long, but dad and I just paced ourselves. Other people raced a head for us to only pass them out of breath resting higher up on the path.

Before Sunrise at Poon Hill

There are hundreds of people waiting for the sun to rise

The idea for the early start was so we could capture sunrise over the mountain range. Us and hundreds of other people including locals to Nepal and fellow trekkers.

Stunning sight to see as the sun kisses the Annapurna mountain tops

The view was spectacular. The sun slowly revealing some of the highest snow capped peaks in the world.

I see why so many people travel here

After the sun had come up, and no longer had nice photos as the smoke haze had come in again, we decided to head back to the guest house so we could enjoy some breakfast and go back to bed. Not that our room was the freshest smelling room around. Normally it would be the smell out of clothes and socks, but this time it was the mould from the two bathrooms. Our bedroom backs on to a communal toilet as well as our ensuite.

Oh a side note: In Ghorepani there is no bottled water sold. Be sure to keep hold of a bottle for refilling. They do also charge for the clean drinking water.

Since we have a full day in Ghorepani, other than sleeping, we took the opportunity to do some washing. Mostly socks and underwear. There is only so many times you can rotate them until you just have to wash them.

We spent the whole day doing nothing but resting. We haven’t really stopped since we embarked on this journey.

We had dinner at our normal time. It was nice to see that the loud Euro’s from last night have moved on and two new quiet groups have joined us.

Tomorrow will be a long day as we adventure to Ghandruk. Our guide is trying to organise our last destination before travelling by Jeep to Pokhara in 2 days time.


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