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Day 21 - Trek to Ghandruk (1940m) (A village with the original Gurung culture) - 7.5hrs

Day Description

Ghandruk is a village of the Gurung people, an ethnic group of Nepal. The Gurungs have their own dialect, culture, costume and life style. In addition to that Ghandruk is also home to many Gurkha soldiers. It is a famous trekking destination as it is known for its beautiful mountain views. In the afternoon we can visit the Annapurna Conservation Office, museums and explore the village.


Final destination.

We woke early as we have a long final day. Another morning were the discussion of how many hours its going to take to get to Ghandruk, it could be 6, 10, 8 hours. No idea really. We will get there when we get there.

Another stunning day in the mountains as our journey comes to an end

We have breakfast and hit the trail at 7:00am. We were met by a mountain of uphill steps for an hour. At many points we were able to stop and have a look behind us to see the amazing white snow capped mountains.

Marvelling at our surroundings

Once we got to the top of the pass we walked along the mountain ridge for a while before descending into the rain forest below. It was beautiful following the bush trail. It felt like home in the Australian bush.

Ban Thanti for lunch

We arrived at our lunch spot, Ban Thanti at 9:30am. I definitely didn’t feel like lunch, but after waiting more than an hour for my tomato, lettuce and cheese steamed sandwich to come out I was a little hungry from waiting. It was probably the worse sandwich I’ve had. But I don’t offend people and just eat it.

After spending an hour and a half in Ban Thanti, we were told we still had another 5 hours a head of us before reaching Ghanduk.

Down into the forest we go. Hard to see but there is a waterfall under there

The trail was very much the same. Lots of up hill, lots of down hill, nothing much was flat. As it’s a rain forest there is a lot of water around so keeping a cautious eye out for slips is super high, especially for me as I’ve been know to slip and brake bones before.

After a long day of trekking we finally make it to our destination at 3:00pm. Ghandruk. A village on the side of a mountain. Lots of things to see and do. The first thing dad wanted to do was go to the German Bakery next door for an Apple Strudel. It was okay. Very doughy.

We headed back to the room as we were told there was a hot shower. Yes! Finally I can wash my hair after weeks of being dirty.

Our high hopes were crushed when the owner told us the hot water service was “sick” and not working. We ended up going back to old faithful. The body whip. About 30 minutes later we were told they got it working. By then were we already changed and dad was asleep snoring his head off.

At 6:00pm we headed down to the restaurant for dinner. Dad ordered the spaghetti and cheese and I gave the Nepalese version of a cheese and tomato pizza one more try. It’s hard to pick something when you look at the same menu 3 times a day for almost 20 days. The spaghetti wasn’t swimming in its own liquid and the pizza was cooked on the bottom. Perfect.

After dinner we retired to our room for some much needed rest. We have an early start in the morning. But an Indian family, also staying in the hotel with kids, they are so loud and obnoxious outside our bedroom window it will be hard to get an early sleep.

Tomorrow there will be no walking just a long Jeep drive into Pokhara where we will spend a few days before heading back to Kathmandu.


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