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Day 22 - Drive to Pokhara (830m) - 3hrs

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Today our trek comes to an end. In Pokhara you can have a relaxing afternoon and stroll around lakeside.


Our last early morning wake up on this trek. We quickly had breakfast after packing our stuff up and headed to our car waiting to drive us to Pokhara where our guide and porter will leave us.

The final hundred meters of trekking for our trip

The walk to the car was interesting. We could see where we have to walk to but no-one wanted to tell us how to get there. We ended up balancing our way along a boundary fence to reach the car. You could hear the driver blasting the horn to hurry up. I’m not sure why because we are still early.

The final view before driving to Pokhara

Once we made to safely to the car we all piled in for a long drive to Pokhara. Some of the road sections were very steep with larger drop off into the valley below. We drive through local village and waterfalls before, after an hour and a half, meeting up with a sealed road. Now I’m not sure if the road was sealed in the past and it’s all fallen apart or if it’s still under construction like the rest of Nepal’s roads.

The driver weaved around trucks and scooters only slowing down for steep corners and potholes. Even the 20km speed limit signs through villages didn’t stop him from flying along.

We made it to Pokhara by 9:30am. More than enough time for us to check into our room, dad to go to the local ATM to get tip money for our guide and porter and then for them to make their 7-9 hour bus ride home to celebrate the festival season.

The hotel is an actual hotel. With white sheets and towel. and actual hot water. Finally I will get a shower to wash my hair after 20 days. It really needs it.

After our team left us dad and I went for a wonder around town. Dad, of course, was thinking about food. With it being only 10:30am in the morning many places were open but not cooking food yet. We hunted the streets for some meat to eat. KFC. Perfect. Finally a different menu.

After lunch we continued to wonder the streets and check out all the stores for possible ideas for presents for people that we will buy in Kathmandu, as we have no space at the moment.

On the way back to the hotel for a rest dad booked us a half day tour of Pokhara tomorrow. Something our guide said he would show us around. But not the case.

After getting back to the hotel and resting up my health took a turn. I had a fever, was extremely cold, headache, sore throat, cough. Just not my day.

The weather had turned for hot and sunny to raining and lightening.

On the way out to dinner at 6:00pm we stopped past a local pharmacy to pick up some medicine in the hope it will help. Time will tell.

We headed to a local wood fire pizza restaurant for tonight’s dinner in the hole to leave Nepal with a good tasting pizza. Since we are back in a major city we are eating meat, so naturally I ordered the on the all the meats, except for tuna. I don’t understand their obsession with having tuna within so many of their dishes.

After dinner and battled the stormy weather as we walked back to the hotel. Can’t wait to cuddle up under the blankets in a nice hotel bed.

Tomorrow we will be picked up at 7:30am for our day trip. Let’s hope it’s full of interesting people that we get along with.


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