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Day 23 - Rest In Pokhara

Today was our rest day in Pokhara. Last night dad organised for us to have a half day tour of the sights around Pokhara. The city is the second large after Kathmandu.

We woke at 6:00am and had breakfast so we were ready for our 7:30am tour pickup.

Our pickup was right on time. A small taxi arrived. It must be what takes us to the main tour bus and we meet the other tourist.

Oh.. it’s a private taxi that’s going to drive us to all the attractions. He didn’t speak English so he wasn’t going to be a guide. We missed out again.

As it was festive season their are a lot families offering their blessings to the Gods

First stop on the trip was a temple. Great. Another temple. We didn’t stay long as it was crowded by locals making offerings to the gods and praying. Plus we were the only white people there. We were very much out of place.

A tunnel to no-where that you get to see.

We jumped back into the car and drove to our next point of interest. Seti River Gorge. Basically it’s a massive gorge with a water bridge that runs water to the hydro station. Well worth the time. Not.

It's hot and humid in this cave.

Back in the car and off to the Mahadev Cave. Dad thought it was going to be an amazing place in the mountains surrounded by bush. Oh no. It was a very commercial. The cave was extremely hot and steamy. As we entered the cave we walked through a small cave that looked very much man made inside was a cow. After giving a small donation you drop a small metal marble into a hole and the cow excretes milk from its teats.

Sorry. This is probably one of the worst photos taken on this trip.

We adventured further down into the cave. They claim it is one of the best caves in South Asia. Filled with metal scaffolding and metal supports along with lots of concrete. The main highlight of the cave was the end where you could see Davis Falls cascade into the base of the cave.

Davis Fall is surrounded by high fences and hard to take nice photos

Since we are here we may as well check out Patale Chhango (Davis Falls), which is named after a Swiss woman who was killed after being sweep over the falls while trying to bath further upstream..

After looking around the sites and exiting through the gift store, of course. We headed back to the hotel.

We arrived back to the hotel at 9:30am. Great half day tour.

After a short rest, as I’m still not well, we headed down the the lake for some lunch. Sausage and bacon hot dogs. Then back to the hotel for another rest and work out what is happening with our flight and hotel pickup tomorrow morning.

After an afternoon of resting we headed out to dinner late, later than 6:30pm. Tonight we explored the Nepalese version of an Irish pub. I think the only Irish thing about the pub was that it served Guinness beer.

After a nice dinner we headed back to the hotel. Considering I can’t talk I’m sure dad’s getting sick of one sided conversations.

Tomorrow we head back to Kathmandu, where I’m sure we will spend the afternoon shopping before heading to the mountains for a few days. Apparently, since we have seen all the tourist stuff in Kathmandu in the past, we were told we should check out this town about 30kms out of Kathmandu that has views of some of the best mountains in the world.


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