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Day 24 - Fly to Kathmandu (1400m)

Early morning after a horrible night sleep.

6:00am. Time to wake up, pack up a prepare for a 7:00am pick up to take us to the airport for a 7:55am flight back to Kathmandu. Sounds weird considering the rest of the world is used to being at the airport a good hour or two before your flight to allow for baggage check in and boarding time.

Let’s just say the flight that was due out at 6:20am was still checking people in at 7:16am.

After checking our bags in and going through a pointless security check point, we sat and waited for our flight to be call. Surprise surprise it was late or maybe its just on Nepal time.

The flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu is roughly 25-30 minutes. No time for inflight entertainment, not that it had any.

We arrived into Kathmandu airport and were greeted by our transfer to the hotel. All we have to do now is wait for our bags to come off the plane. The baggage claim process is not watching bags go around in circles but waiting till you see your bags, you show a staff member your baggage ticket and they will give you your baggage. No trolleys allowed in the baggage claim area, which is hard for many people to understand, but security soon put them in their place.

After our bags finally got collected we head back into Thamel to our hotel.

We arrive and check in into the same hotel, Kathmandu Eco Hotel, that we stayed in when we first arrived. This time they have put us on the fifth floor. Dad wasn’t to impressed as that was five flights of steps. No elevators here.

After putting out bags down we headed out for a wander around town. Time for some gift shopping and, of course, lunch as dad is hungry at 10:30am.

With a full tummy and gift shopping completed, we head back to the hotel to rest and pack our bags for an over night stay in Nagarkot tomorrow night.

We headed out to dinner at 6:00pm. But before we hunt for a new restaurant, we court up with our tour company to discuss the next couple of days and when all our pick ups.

After a little while we left our tour company and hit the street for something to eat. Dad was keen to try the Fat Yuk, only to find out it’s called the Fat Monk. We order two pizzas, as they were small and each came out one at a time, and a couple of drinks. I’m still not feeling 100% so an early night again.

Our pick up tomorrow is at 7:00am and we will be spending the next to days with our trek guide and a personal driver. As Nagarkot is only an hour to an hour and a half out of Kathmandu city we are in no hurry and have all day.


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