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Day 25 - Drive to Nagarkot (2147m) - 2hrs

This morning was not an early start but we were both still awake bright and early. After packing our stuff up, an overnight bag and our two suitcase for storage, we headed downstairs to checkout of the hotel, have breakfast and wait for our guide to arrive with our driver.

Today we head out to Nagarkot. Perched on the top of a mountain side Nagarkot looks out over the Kathmandu valley with views of all the mountain tops. On a clear day you can, apparently, see Everest.

The drive wasn’t to bad. The road still has a lot of work to be done, but over all it took us out of city and into the country. Maybe some fresh country air might help my health.

The view of Kathmandu from the road to Nagarkot

On the way, as most the road is single line, we had to come to a complete stop as a bus loaded with Chinese, returning from the morning watching the sunrise, had gotten stuck on a corner. Of course every man and their dog was standing around watching the situation as well as dad who went to inspect the situation and stand around in support.

Bus of Chinese blocking our way

Dad goes to help the locals to stand around and watch

About about 15 - 20 minutes the bus finally moved and got on its way. We were able to continue our journey up the hill.

The Watch Tower. There is only about 8 people allowed up there at a time

The view of the Himalayan mountain range from the Watch Tower

We stopped at the Watch Tower, which is the viewing point all the tourist had been that morning. Our guide said we would be returning to this point in the morning to watch the sunrise. The view is a sweeping panoramic of the mountain range in front of us, which is hard to see during the day due to all the smog.

Our new vantage point for tomorrows sunrise

After spending a good 30 mins looking at the view we drove a little further and had another rest as another view point which is a lot better, so we will return to this point instead, lets hope there is a lot less people for the same view.

Once we had had enough of taking in the smoggy view we returned to the car and drive to our hotel. Hotel Country Villa.

The stunning view from our mountain top room

Located on the side of the hill looking out at the mountains this very nice hotel will be our luxury home for the night. On arrival our room wasn’t ready so we waited about 30 minutes till it was ready.

We dropped our bag off and got our driver to drive us back into town as dad needed the ATM and some lunch. We also popped into the chemist to pick me up some more medication.

After lunch we ended up walking the half hour back to our hotel. It was nice to walk through the pine forest just listening the nature and not the constant sound of cars and horns of the city.

Once back at the hotel we took the afternoon to rest before dinner.

After an afternoon of napping we headed out to the hotels restaurant around 6:30pm for dinner. We had a choice of either the buffet or the menu. Tonight we picked the menu. The buffet consisted of basically the same foods we have been eating for the last 20 odd days. We want some meat and a change of menu items.

The meal was very nice and so was the atmosphere. At the completion of our last dinner, that we are paying for in Nepal, we head back to our quiet room. Fingers crossed we get a peaceful night sleep.

Tomorrow is an early wake up as we need to meet in reception at 5:30am so we can see the sunrise. Let’s hope the smog hasn’t woke up yet and we get a good view.

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