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Day 27 - Kathmandu to Sydney

Our final morning in Kathmandu is very relaxed. Slept in and had breakfast late. Our flight isn’t until 11pm so we have a few hours to kill.

Inside the Garden of Dreams

We headed out for a walk around Themal and the Garden of Dreams, not far from the hotel. Since we have done all the tourist sight seeing before there isn’t much for us to do. We have also done all our gift shopping too.

Most the day has been relaxing in our room.

As 2:00pm came around we needed to check out. But what to do until 4:00pm, when our airport transfer is due to pick us up? Well lunch I guess. Our final pizza to Nepal.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to kill some more time just waiting in reception. At least dad can entertain himself with episodes of Judge Judy or Airport meltdowns on his phone using the hotel WiFi.

5:00pm and our airport transfer has finally arrived.



We arrive at Kathmandu International Airport at 5:30pm, only a few hours before our 11:30pm flight. We arrived so early in fact we couldn’t check in or drop our bags off. The check-in desk wasn’t opening till 8:30pm. So we just sit and wait in the departure hall.

8:30pm slowly ticked around and we were finally able to check-in. It’s just organised mayhem. Two people in front of us, first to check in, had her ticket processed and not her bag, as the guy at the counter was preoccupied with talking to all his mates. This then had a flow on effect and created confusion as to who’s bag it is and what tag to put on it. When we finally got our chance to check-in the ticket machine didn’t want to print the flight details on the tickets, so we had to wait for someone to clean the machine.

Once sorted we passed through immigration and went into the Executive Lounge for a bit, not that we had to long till our flight was boarding. We grabbed something to eat and drink, dad continued to laugh out loud to YouTube videos with his headphones on and I changed into comfortable travel clothes.

Waiting in the lounge you could tell who had been in Kathmandu for the trekking as everyone seems to get the same cough.

With an hour till our flight is due to depart we head down to the departure gates to wait for our boarding. We still have to wait to find out what gate number we have to go to.

The gates were completely full and they were using the same gates for multiple flights, so who knows if people got on the right planes.

We finally boarded our flight at 11:20pm and departed Kathmandu at 11:50pm, just a little behind schedule.



The flight was only four hours and forty minutes. But we arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 6:40am. Our next flight is due to board in only a few hours, so we find a cafe to set ourselves up and rest.

Sleeping on the plane is never easy. Especially when you have a crying baby in front and a father who had the worlds brightest blue LED on his headphones that shines in your face when he has the noise cancelling function on.

We started the long slow process of lining up to be scanned, yet again and have our passports checked by multiple people. Why? Because they have to do something in the airport.

We boarded the plane at 9:00am for a 9:30am departure. The boarding was quick and not to painful. We are seated across from 2 babies, let’s just hope they don’t cry.



The flight arrived in Sydney at 8:30pm. We are finally home. It’s a good feeling to be back again. But at the same time I’m going to miss travelling and meeting new people each day.

What’s going to be the next trip?


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