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Day 3 - Bus to Besisahar (760m) - 11hrs

My day started at 3am as dad wakes up, and startled me, as he thought there was a rat in the room. Back to sleep old man.

Let’s start this again. 5:30am we wake to pack our bags and head downstairs for breakfast before our tour company picks us up at 8am to take us to the bus.

The bus was advertised to us as a luxury air conditioned bus, that has a TV and WiFi. But the WiFi didn’t work. Typical.

We left the bus terminal on time at 8:45am. Only to find out there were still empty seats on the bus that needed to be filled so we drove very slowly past all the local bus stops as the spruiker tried to drum up business to fill the empty seats. It wasn’t until 9:45 that the bus was full and we were on our way. Travelling at 2kms an hour was doing our heads in.

The traffic was slow as we snaked our way out of the Kathmandu valley and over the hill. Slow stop start process. Lucky for the aircon.

Short rest top on your way to Besisahar.

After 4 hours on travelling we had our first stop. Toilet and to eat. We were told it was a 20min stop. Let me tell you it was only 10mins and a quick 10mins at that. We piled back onto the bus to realise the aircon was no longer working. The heat and sweat was getting to everyone.

We joined the long queue of traffic still snaking through the valley. After much complaining we solved the aircon issue, the drive forgot to switch it back on for his dying passengers in the back.

After 5.5 hours we finally see the course of the delays and broken down bus, which broke down about 3 metres past a rest stop. Did someone not think of moving it back?

After another 1.5 hours of faster driving we stopped for lunch. Dad and I opted not to have lunch as it wasn’t appealing so we grabbed some more water and snacks.

Dad asked the bus owner how much longer we had to go. He replied “about 4 hours”. Great 4 more hours on the bus while my butt falls asleep, listening to Indy music or watch Hindu movies.

After dark we arrived into Besisahar at 7:45pm, 11 hours after we set off from Kathmandu.

Tonight we are staying at New Througla Guest House. Rooms are a nice size with 2 single beds and a shared toilet and shower with the other rooms on the floor.

Dinner tonight was soup at the restaurant downstairs. Quick and easy so we can get to bed as we have our first long day of trekking ahead of us in the morning.


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