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Day 4 - Trek to Bahundanda (1310m) - 8hrs

Day Description:

Today our journey really starts. We start walking Besi Sahar from where the trail makes a climb to Khudi (790m) where we reach the first Gurung village. Interesting to know is that many of the famous Nepalese Gurkha soldiers are Gurungs. When we continue from Khudi, the trail offers fine views of Himalchuli and Peak 29 (Ngadi Chuli). We climb to Bhulbhule (825m) and then via Ngadi to Lampata nearby Bahundanda (1310m).


The day started early with a 6:00am to pack our bag and head down to breakfast, which we pre-ordered the night before. Oats, eggs and toast.

Before we set off our guide tried to get us to change our plans. We would catch the bus rather than walk on the Jeep road. Many people take this option as it can take days off your trek, but it puts you at a higher risk for altitude sickness. We are here to trek so we elected to stick to our original plan and walk.

The day was a long 8 hour day. We hit the dusty dirty road dodging Jeeps, buses and tractors. The road follows the river upstream. As much as the walk was boring and hot. There was some nice scene points along the way.

Passing by a massive cascading waterfall

View of stunning rice paddies

We stopped for lunch around 1:30pm for an hour. I had some freshly made momos. A dumpling style veggie and mild curry style meal.

After lunch we had another 3 hours of walking ahead of us. Most of the afternoon was uphill. Slow and steady. Dad always takes slow to another level with “Peter pace”. His method is a very slow one foot in front of the other. Most the time I just leave him behind and meet his at the next rest stop.

As clouded came rolling in, rain started to fall and we quickly pulled out our raincoats for the shower to pass moments later. Lets hope its not like this everyday.

View from Hotel Mountain View in Bahundanda

We finally arrived at our hotel. High on top of the mountain is Bahundanda. Hotel Mountain View tea house was very basic but everything we needed. Dad and I both has showers on arrival to rinse the dust of the day off. With an early dinner we took in the stunning valley views. An early bedtime is needed as tomorrow will be another 8 hour trekking day.


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