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Day 5 - Trek to Chyamche (1430m) - 6hrs

Day Description:

Today we start following a steep trail down to Syange (1070m). On the way, depending on the season, you can see a large waterfall. After crossing the Marsyangdi river via a suspension bridge, we walk along the river to the stone village of Jagat before climbing through the forest to Chymache (1400m).


What a view to wake up to.

This morning we woke at 6am to get ready for another big day ahead of us. Breakfast was booked for 7am, which we ordered the night before, porridge for dad and muesli with fruit for me. While we waited our porter, Bhoomi, was hanging out up a tree pulled Guava fruit. Dad and I both tried one. Tasted like a pear on the outside then it had a layer of seeds followed by a soft apple like core.

After breakfast we started on the trail again. What goes up must come down. We walked along the road crossing streams and dodging mud while walking through local villages.

The road started to peter out and the track turned into the trail we were after. Climbing over rocks and slowing making our way up rock staircases. We wandered through peaceful villages and walked with a group of young school kids to school.

Our fun was brought to a haul as we soon had to rejoin the Jeep road below.

The road was dry and dusty despite it raining overnight. The road was busy with jeeps transport trekking to there destination and tractors transporting equipment to building sites up the valley.

As we crossed the suspension bridge from the trekking trail to the road we saw up the road. Dad’s famous last words. “It’s a road so it can’t be to steep.” Those words would come back to bite his.

Our guide wanted to call lunch at 10:30am at Shrishaur but dad and I elected to push on as we had only had lunch a few hours earlier.

The road was long and hot. As we turned the corner from Shrishaur we saw a long winding switch back road which felt like it was heading to heaven. It was at this point we saw a lot more tourists. The most we have seen on the trail so far.

We all headed up the hill like a flock of cattle all staying the right to avoid traffic. We finally make it to the top to only see more road.

We finally arrived at Jagat for lunch. Everything is slow when it comes to lunch. This is due to the fact everything is made from scratch for you. No pre-preparation of food. It was lunch with a view of the towering mountains around us and the raging river below us. The perfect outlook.

After lunch we hit the dusty road again for a few kilometres before taking a side track up rocky steps covered with water and a mud covered trail. It took us off the road at least. Along the way we got to marvel at the mountains on the other side of the valley and towering cascading waterfalls joining the raging torrent of white river below.

Finally we get to walk on the Annapurna Trail off the road.

We finally made it to Chyamche after 5 hours of walking and a 1 hour lunch break.

3:30pm. Time to unpack, have a shower and rest up before heading to the restaurant downstairs for our first apple pie on the trail and to take in the local village atmosphere for the afternoon.

After completing our afternoon tea and walk around town we headed back to the room for a rest until dinner, which we hoped would be around 6:30pm.

Our guide came into our room around 5:30pm to make our dinner order. Mushroom soup for me and veggie momo for dad.

6:45pm dinner was served and we enjoyed a delicious meal while our guide and porter just sat around and watched us eat. Entertaining I'm sure

We polished off our plates by 7:00pm and now it’s time to head to bed. Rest our legs and knees. Tomorrow will be another day of stairs. Fingers crossed we won’t be on the road as much.


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