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Day 6 - Trek to Dharapani (1890m) - 7hrs

Day Description

Today the day begins with a rocky trail uphill along the Marsyandi river all the way to Tal (1675m). This village in a wide, flat valley is the first in the district of Manang. From here our trek continues up and down to Dharapani (1890m).


View from our hotel balcony looking up the valley

Last nights sleep was not the best. With the sound of the raging river below us, the curtain that didn’t quiet keep the light out and waking dad up each time he starts to snore to not disturb the rest of the tea house.

The tea house we stayed in was very nice. We happen to be the only travellers stay in the village. Just goes to show how important it is to experience the full trekking atmosphere and support the locals, rather than driving most the way and bypassing all the towns.

Dad and I spent the morning waiting for breakfast, which was 30mins late. We laid the map out to view our options for the day ahead. Will it be the Annapurna trekking trail or the road. We have no say in the way our guide decides to take us.

Surprise surprise... the road it is.

We hit the dusty hot road once again as it continues the snake along side the river below towered by the shear rock faces above. The view of the other trekkers making their way along the Annapurna track from the road was a spectacular view, it would have been nice to have done it too, since it’s the reason we have come all the way here. But the guide believes that it would be to much for dad, so we are take the road. We had many river crossing, large and small, to cross. Some required more of a balancing act than others. But each water cross was created by a sunning cascade of water from above.

Water running down the road that we had to walk through.

The view along the way, other than the road ahead of me, was across the stunning river. For the first time we got a short glimpse of the snow caps mountain of Runam.

The first glimpse of snow in the far off distance.

We were going to have lunch at our overnight destination but our porter got hunger at 11:20am, so we stopped for an hour lunch break. Each time you take your pack off your pack it is a relief, considering it’s not very heavy. Today for lunch I had Egg Fried Noodles, while dad tried the spring roll, which look good. At home the spring roll would be the equivalent of a 12 pack but mashed together to make one huge spring roll.

After lunch we got on the road again for another 2.5 hours to our final destination for today, Dharapani.

Kangaroo Guest House in the mountains of Nepal.

We arrived at Kangaroo Guest House, I’m sure they are taking the mickey out of us by booking us here because we are Aussies, but it’s a nice guest house with a HUGE room and a hot shower.

It was nice to be able to have a actual hot shower today, to wash the dust from to road off. Most the time they say it’s a hot shower but in actual fact it’s cold. Dad found out how to work the shower, as there are so many nobs on the wall. My shower was nice and hot at 38 degrees.

Since the guest house was full tonight, dad and I sat in the restaurant and watched the dramas that go on when you mix a whole bunch of strangers together and have one shower.

The queue was imaginary and people got annoyed when someone else pushed in front of them. Then there is the dilemma of once your in the shower where do you put all your stuff to keep it dry. In most showers there is no where to hang or place your stuff as is literally a wet room. Then there is the case of forgetting to lock the door. One girl push the door open only to find a guy inside stark naked, she quickly reacted by closing the door and locking him in from the outside, which made it hard for him to get out after he had finished showering, everyone in the restaurant had a laugh.

When travelling many people only take the bear essentials to keep everything as light as possible but to the select few I guess a hair dryer is essential. One Norwegian woman tried her hardest to blow dry her hair even her boyfriend walked away from her in embarrassment as the only working power point is in the restaurant full of people. After a quick dry she soon left and returned 10 mins later with a hoodie pulled over her head.

We have ordered dinner for 6:30pm, so we can have an early night. Mushroom soup for me and potato soup with 2 eggs on the side for dad.

Tomorrow will be another 6 - 7 hour walking along the road to Chame.


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